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ASP.NET 2003

Indian : Rs.499
International : $8.0

ASP.NET is a free technology tool that allows programmers to create dynamic web applications.ASP.NET is the latest version of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology (ASP).We can use any languages to develop our web application in ASP.NET. We can develop web applications with high security, because ASP.NET implements OOPS concepts in developing applications.
NET is versatile for commercial applications which are web based. Less Coding Here it enables the user to build an dynamic website and other web applications that requires less number of codes than any other alternative solutions. Multi-language compatibility Whichever framework is used by users will support multiple advanced languages like VB .NET, C#, and J# .This completely updated edition features new examples, and all codes are written and tested for ASP.NET 2003.

  • Fundamentals of ASP.NET 2003
  • Architecture of .NET Framework 3.5
  • Introduction to Visual Studio .NET 2008
  • Beginning with ASP.NET Web Application
  • Essential Controls in ASP.NET
  • Data Binding
  • Stored Procedure and ADO.NET
  • Using XML in ASP.NET
  • Caching in ASP.NET
  • Aesthetic design, highly interactive and dynamic GUI.
  • Bookmark Management System - You can bookmark important lessons to watch them again.
  • Self-assessments with instant results.
  • Software glossary for each respective Azimuth online course.
  • Use ASP.NET 2003 effectively
  • Present information & data professionally at work
  • Improve Your work efficiency
  • Save your valuable time
  • Make an impression. Move UP!
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of study material is provided?

Elearning study material is provided and this is completely online. This is in the form of 2D & 3D lessons, animations, videos, audio narratives, etc.

What will I get after the completion of the course?

After completion you will find yourself with increased knowledge related to the course which can help you build your career, land the job you desired, & gain a competitive advantage over your peers.

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of this program is 3 months.

What is the difference between classroom teaching and online course?

Classroom teaching requires physical presence of classroom and teacher, whereas online courses can be studied anytime, anywhere, as per your time schedule and convenience

Can Foreign Nationals buy this course?

Yes, anybody can buy from any part of the globe.

What is the minimum eligibility required to get myself enrolled for the course?

Any computer literate person can enroll for the course.



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