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Java 2EE

Indian : Rs.499
International : $8.0

Java platform, Enterprise Edition formerly called J2EE, provides a single standard for developing effective enterprise applications.  J2EE simplifies application development and decreases the need for programming and programmer training by creating standardized, reusable modular components and by enabling the tier to handle many aspects of programming automatically.The J2EE Application Programming Model is the standard programming model used to facilitate the development of multi-tier, thin client applications.
We can build effective web applications for the Internet and business applications related to banking, finance, etc. using the various components of Java EE such as Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Naming, Directory Interface etc.

  • Overview of Java 2EE
  • JDBC Drivers
  • Accessing the Database using JDBC
  • Overview of Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Introduction to Servlets
  • Servlet API
  • Request and Response Headers
  • Session Management
  • InterServlet Communication & Handling Exceptions
  • Servlet Filters
  • Overview of JSP
  • Components of JSP
  • JavaBeans in JSP
  • Custom tags in JSP
  • Design Patterns
  • Application Life cycle Events and Listeners
  • Aesthetic design, highly interactive and dynamic GUI.
  • Bookmark Management System - You can bookmark important lessons to watch them again.
  • Self-assessments with instant results.
  • Software glossary for each respective Azimuth online course.
  • Use Java 2EE effectively
  • Present information & data professionally at work
  • Improve Your work efficiency
  • Save your valuable time
  • Make an impression. Move UP!
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of study material is provided?

Elearning study material is provided and this is completely online. This is in the form of 2D & 3D lessons, animations, videos, audio narratives, etc.

What will I get after the completion of the course?

After completion you will find yourself with increased knowledge related to the course which can help you build your career, land the job you desired, & gain a competitive advantage over your peers.

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of this program is 3 months.

What is the difference between classroom teaching and online course?

Classroom teaching requires physical presence of classroom and teacher, whereas online courses can be studied anytime, anywhere, as per your time schedule and convenience

Can Foreign Nationals buy this course?

Yes, anybody can buy from any part of the globe.

What is the minimum eligibility required to get myself enrolled for the course?

Any computer literate person can enroll for the course.



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