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Diploma in Computer Science

Indian : Rs.21240
International : 350

The Diploma in Computer Science is for anyone interested in acquiring the state of the art knowledge and skills such as Java programming, object-oriented software development, networks and telecommunications, web development, and database management.

  • To analyze and apply the knowledge and understanding to provide quality products and services.
  • To lead and engages in teamwork problem solving tasks across discipline through effective communicative.
  • To practice ethical and professional values in providing services to the recipients and provider of the ICT industry.
  • The Diploma in Computer Science holders are needed in both private and public sector.
  • Among the many designations that may be filled by the graduates are : Web Designers, Programmers, Technical Writers, Networking and Mobille Computing Experts, Systems Engineers, Software Engineers, Database Administrators, System Analysts and other related posts. 

Introduction to Computer Science

  • Algorithms and Problem-Solving
  • Basic Java Concepts
  • Java Programming Concepts
  • Counting Systems
  • Boolean Logic
  • Computer Architecture File
  • Java Conditionals and Loops File
  • Introduction to Pep/7 Machine Language File
  • Introduction to Operating Systems File
  • Compilers and Grammars
  • Arrays in Java
  • Searching and Sorting File

Operating systems

This course examines the important problems in operating system design and implementation. The operating system provides an established, convenient, and efficient interface between user programs and the bare hardware of the computer on which they run. The operating system is responsible for sharing resources (e.g., disks, networks, and processors), providing common services needed by many different programs (e.g., file service, the ability to start or stop processes, and access to the printer), and protecting individual programs from interfering with one another. The course will start with a brief historical perspective of the evolution of operating systems over the last fifty years and then cover the major components of most operating systems. This discussion will cover the tradeoffs that can be made between performance and functionality during the design and implementation of an operating system. Particular emphasis will be given to three major OS subsystems: process management (processes, threads, CPU scheduling, synchronization, and deadlock), memory management (segmentation, paging, swapping), and file systems; and on operating system support for distributed systems.


  • Introduction To PHP
  • Syntax, Variables & Strings
  • Operators & Conditionals
  • Arrays & Loops
  • Functions File
  • Forms & User Input
  • _GET & _POST
  • Mail
  • Introduction To SQL
  • Date / Timestamps

Digital Logic

  • Introduction to Logic Circuits
  • Optimized Implementation of Logic Functions: Karnaugh Maps and Minimum Sum-of-Product Forms File
  • Optimized Implementation of Logic
  • Implementation Technology
  • Optimized Implementation of Logic Functions
  • Number Representation and Arithmetic Circuits
  • Combinatorial Circuit Building Blocks
  • Flip-Flops, Registers and Counters
  • Synchronous Sequential Circuits
  • VHDL for Sequential Circuits File
  • Design of Finite State Machines Using CAD Tools File
  • State Minimization

Formal Languages and Automata Theory

  • Mathematical Concepts
  • Formal Languages
  • Context Free Grammars
  • Parsing
  • Normal Forms
  • Automata
  • Deterministic Finite Automata
  • Nondeterministic Finite Automata
  • Regular and Nonregular Languages File
  • Pushdown Automata File
  • Deterministic Parsing: LL(k) Grammars
  • Turing Machines
  • Wrapup

PDF, moodle books


A basic knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language

You will acquire  knowledge and skills such as Java programming, object-oriented software development, networks and telecommunications, web development, and database management.


Additional reading will be given to students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of this course?
This is an undergraduate diploma.

Will I get any credit from this course?
You will get 120 credits.

Is there any assessment for this course? 
Yes. Each module has one or more assessments that you have to pass in order to get your diploma.

Is there a thesis/project in this  course?

What is the duration of this  course?
1 year for full time students and 2 years for part time students.

What is the study mode of this course?

Full time or Part time.

What is the delivery mode of this course?

Fully online.

When can I start this course?


Can I finish this program earlier?


Can I contact the professor in this course?

Yes, through the platform.



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