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Certificate in Microsoft Excel for Business Professionals

Indian : Rs.4900
International : $82

This course teaches you about basics of Microsoft Excel, how excel is used in the field of HR, Project management, sales and marketing.

  • Get Job ready, by mastering MS Excel as a business tool.
  • Generate professional, presentable work efficiently using MS Excel.
  • Make a data based marketing plan using MS Excel.
  • Make a hiring and compensation plan using MS Excel.
  • Make a Project Management Plan and a MIS (Management Information System) tracking plan.
  • Make a data based sales plan using MS Excel.

If you are a Working Professional or College Student, interested in one of the following careers, then this course will help you:

  • Business Analyst in Management Consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain etc.
  • Strategy Executive in Corporate Finance departments of large companies such as Tata, Reliance, Airtel etc.
  • Operations role in MNC’s and other companies.
  • Business Professionals in industries such as E-Commerce, FMCG, Technology, Media, Retail etc.
  • Market Research Analyst in companies such as IMRB.


  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • How to format cells to make them look more professional
  • How to manipulate rows and columns
  • How to format numbers
  • How to format currency and date
  • How to perform calculations in Excel - Add, Subtract, Multiply, divide
  • How to use the Max, Min and IF functions
  • How to use Filter and Sort to work with large data sets
  • How to combine multiple cells using Concatenate
  • How to locate values in a table using VLOOKUP
  • How to generate graphs to make data more presentable


  • Structure a hiring and compensation plan
  • Calculate salaries and departmental costs
  • Generate graphs to depict hiring and compensation plan


  • Marketing Plan framework and Budget Allocation
  • Customer acquisition funnel and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Offline marketing plan
  • Marketing plan summary
  • Analyzing the marketing plan
  • Generate graphs to depict marketing data
  • Structure a Customer Analytics plan to identify customer metrics and identify trends
  • Make decisions using customer data


  • Structure a Project Management Plan with tasks, owners, deadlines
  • Tracking Status
  • Structure a MIS / Operations Dashboard to track the status of various projects
  • Compare project status to budgets


  • Structure a sales plan
  • Structure an account plan with ownerships, deadlines and status

This is an online course taught using recorded videos - In the videos you will see the faculty teaching and building various models and graphs from scratch using Excel.


There is no such eligibility criteria required - this course assumes you have no background in Microsoft Excel. This course starts from the basics and slowly builds into advanced topics. You need an internet connection to access the course.


The biggest advantage of this course - is you get to interact with world class faculty - just by interacting with them you learn a lot - whenever you have any doubts or need guidance – you can  post your questions in the Discussion Forum and the faculty shall answer your questions.


When you have any doubts in the course content, you can post your questions on the discussion board by clicking “Ask a Question”. Faculty will reply in next  hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to take the "Certificate in Microsoft Excel for Business Professionals"?
Today, MS Excel is a critical tool for any kind of business job profile. Knowledge of MS Excel increases your efficiency at work and you can get more work done in less time.
The best business experts will teach you MS Excel using real-life industry case studies. At the end of this course you will be able to confidently use MS Excel to analyze data, make graphs, presentations etc.
Management jobs such as the one in Financial Services and Business Consulting are extremely competitive. There are thousands of well qualified applicants for every open position. This DeZyre course will significantly improve your chances of a successful career since you will learn the exact skills that industry is looking for.

How do I study Online on
Step 1 - Enroll and pay for the course by clicking on the "Buy Now" button
Step 2 - Once you enroll for the course, we will email you a username and password.
Step 3 - Once you login, you will see all the course modules. Each module is a 10-20 minute video, where you can see the faculty explaining the various concepts using Excel and Powerpoint. The faculty will work-out the various analysis and problems in the video for your easy understanding.

What is the duration of the course?
This course is a 4 hour course. Most of our students finish the course in 1 week. You can login whenever you are free and complete a few modules a day. You can finish it faster if you do more modules every day.

How do I contact the faculty to clear doubts?
When you have any doubts in the course content, you can post your questions on the discussion board by clicking "Ask a Question". Faculty will reply immediately.

For how long is my DeZyre login and password valid to access my course?
Once you have enrolled for the course, there is no validity or end date. You can access your course contents anytime, even after you finish your final exam.



  • Binny's expertise is in Corporate Finance, Online Education and Entrepreneurship.  
  • He is currently the Co-founder of and is responsible for all Sales, Business Development and Course Development.
  • Prior to, Binny was a Sales and Business Development Manager at QuinStreet - one of the world’s leaders in online education. At QuinStreet, Binny was responsible for US$14 million in P&L and ownership over QuinStreet’s primary clients. He also was responsible for coordinating between the technology, creative and media teams to help clients achieve their online marketing goals.
  • Prior to QuinStreet, Binny was a Senior Analyst in the Investment Banking Division at Credit Suisse (New York & San Francisco) working with clients in Media and Technology. At Credit Suisse he worked on transactions over US$25 billion including the SBC-AT&T Merger, IPO and First Solar IPO apart from advising clients such as Comcast, Tribune, Global Crossing, eBay, Yahoo, Comcast and Level 3.
  • Binny graduated with a M.S in Computer Science and Engineering from Washington University in St.Louis, where he was a Graduate Student Representative. At WashU, Binny worked on an Image Sensor module that was part of a space mission. He graduated with a B.S in Computer Science from SRM University where he was President of the Computer Science Association.


  • Investment Banker, Credit Suisse, New York & San Francisco.
  • Sales and Business Development Manager – Quinstreet – World leader in online education.
  • M.S in Computer Science, Washington University in St.Louis.

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