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In this Responsive Web Development in Bootstrap training course by Dan Fanella, you’ll learn how to create media queries using CSS, and how to manipulate Bootstrap components to make your web pages responsive. The training concludes with the creation of a webpage in which you can apply the skills you have learned.
In this Responsive Web Development in Bootstrap training course, you will learn how to create websites that respond to the size of the screen from the device that you are using to access the webpage. This is called responsive web design. We will be using HTML 5, CSS, and Bootstrap to create these pages.
A. Introduction
  • What you’ll learn in this training
  • What is responsive design?
  • What is needed to design responsive websites?
  • Testing your responsive design in a browser

B. Media Queries
  • What is a media query?
  • Media query syntax
  • Creating media queries for various devices
  • Media queries in actions
  • Media query order and other conditions
  • Controlling text formatting with media queries
  • Changing layout based on media queries
  • Creating media queries using Adobe Dreamweaver

C. Responsiveness Components
  • Declaring the viewport meta tag
  • Default template overview
  • Creating responsive grid layout pt. 1
  • Creating responsive grid layout pt. 2
  • Changing grid layout based on screen size (desktop to tablet)
  • Changing grid layout based on screen size (desktop to phone)
  • Creating responsive column resets
  • Changing button sizes
  • Creating responsive images
  • Setting the visible of property
  • Setting the hidden on property

D. Creating a Responsive Website Layout
  • Applying what you learned, project overview
  • Building the layout pt. 1 – set up
  • Building the layout pt. 2 – adding Bootstrap components
  • Building the layout pt. 3 – linking the Bootstrap files
  • Adjusting for various desktop sizes
  • Adjusting for tablet sizes
  • Adjusting for phone sizes pt. 1
  • Adjusting for phone sizes pt. 2
  • Adjusting the page for printing
  • Making the site non-responsive
1 hour 39 min
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