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In this Visio 2010 training course by Sarah Holder, you’ll learn how to work with pages, and backgrounds and layers. Lastly, we will demonstrate how to create an organization chart and a flowchart.
In this Visio 2010 training course, you’ll gain the knowledge to create a variety of diagrams to share information about organizational systems, resources, and processes with this Visio® 2010 for PC online training series. You’ll learn about Visio’s interface: including the ribbon, stencils and shapes, and setting document properties.
A. Getting Started
  • What you’ll learn in this training
  • Understanding Visio
  • Introducing the Visio product family
  • Installing
  • Updating
  • Uninstalling

B. Navigating
  • Using the Ribbon
  • Creating a new diagram pt. 1
  • Creating a new diagram pt. 2
  • Using the Shapes window/task pane
  • Opening/saving Visio files
  • Saving and exporting to other formats
  • Navigating and arranging views and documents
  • Accessing help

C. Using Stencils
  • Introducing stencils
  • Opening and closing stencils
  • Moving stencils around
  • Using the document stencil
  • Creating a new stencil pt. 1
  • Creating a new stencil pt. 2

D. Working with Shapes
  • Adding and removing shapes
  • Searching for shapes
  • Using My Shapes
  • Using control points pt. 1
  • Using control points pt. 2
  • Formatting shapes pt. 1
  • Formatting shapes pt. 2
  • Copying shapes
  • Grouping and ungrouping shapes

E. Connecting Shapes
  • Introducing connectors
  • Using glue pt. 1
  • Using glue pt. 2
  • Using AutoConnect
  • Working with connection points pt. 1
  • Working with connection points pt. 2
  • Formatting connectors
  • Controlling shape layout pt. 1
  • Controlling shape layout pt. 2
  • Exploring advanced shape layout

F. Adding Text
  • Using the Text tools
  • Using text blocks pt. 1
  • Using text blocks pt. 2
  • Using the Text tool and the Format Painter
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Rotating text
  • Using the format painter

G. Precision Work
  • Using the drawing grid pt. 1
  • Using the drawing grid pt. 2
  • Using the dynamic grid
  • Setting the drawing scale
  • Using Zoom controls
  • Panning and zooming
  • Using the drawing explorer
  • Using guides
  • Managing Snap and Glue options
  • Aligning shapes
  • Distributing shapes

H. Using Layers
  • Working with layers
  • Adding a layer to a drawing
  • Assigning a shape to a layer
  • Hiding a layer
  • Locking a layer
  • Removing a layer

I. Working with Pages
  • Working with multiple pages
  • Adding a page
  • Renaming a page
  • Reordering pages
  • Rotating pages
  • Deleting a page
  • Creating a background page
  • Assigning and removing backgrounds
  • Using the Page Layout options
  • Using print preview
  • Discovering Print options

J. Using Markup Tools
  • Using the Markup tools
  • Adding comments
  • Using revision tracking
  • Accepting and rejecting changes

K. Adding Custom Data
  • Using Custom properties
  • Adding Custom properties
  • Creating reports
  • Creating a pivot diagram

L. Enhancing a Diagram
  • Adding clip art pt. 1
  • Adding clip art pt. 2
  • Adding title blocks
  • Using callouts and annotations
  • Using Visio Viewer

M. Creating Drawings
  • Creating an organization chart pt. 1
  • Creating an organization chart pt. 2
  • Creating a flowchart
1 hour 51 min
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