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In this PowerPoint 2016 for PC – Shapes & SmartArt online training series presented by Sarah Holder, you’ll learn about inserting shapes into a presentation, formatting and editing shapes, inserting and formatting Smart Art, and more!
In this PowerPoint 2016 for PC – Shapes & SmartArt online training series, we will learn how to use shapes and SmartArt® in PowerPoint® 2016. Shapes and SmartArt can be used to emphasize specific text in a presentation and they can be used to change the overall look of the presentation.
A. Working with Shapes
  • Insert a shape
  • Select shapes
  • Selection and visibility pane
  • Resize a shape
  • Reshaping handle
  • Rotation handle
  • Move a shape
  • Align shapes
  • Copy shapes
  • Delete shapes
  • Group and ungroup shapes
  • Stack shapes
  • Format the fill of a shape color or picture
  • Format the fill of a shape gradient
  • Format the fill of a shape texture, pattern, or slide background
  • Format the outline of a shape
  • Shape effects
  • Apply a preset to a shape
  • Apply a shadow to a shape
  • Apply a reflection to a shape
  • Apply a glow to a shape
  • Apply a soft edge to a shape
  • Apply a bevel to a shape
  • Add a 3D rotation to a shape
  • Choose a different shape
  • Add text to a shape
  • Edit a shape’s points

B. Working with SmartArt Graphics
  • Overview of SmartArt graphics
  • Insert a SmartArt graphic
  • Add text to a SmartArt graphic
  • Modify the SmartArt structure
  • Modify SmartArt flow
  • Modify SmartArt layout
  • Create an organization chart
  • Modify an organization chart
  • Format a SmartArt graphic
47 min
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