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Office 2010: New Features

Indian : Rs.3835
International : $59
This series is designed for those who have experience with Office 2007 and want to quickly get up to speed on what’s new and exciting in Office 2010. Each chapter covers the new or enhanced features found in the Office 2010 applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and OneNote as well as changes to the overall interface and the all new Web Apps.
Office 2010 has a focus on features that will bring your work to a whole new level of professionalism, efficiency and mobility. Many of these features are not easily identified so this series takes you to them so you don’t miss a thing. Are you ready to experience the power of Office 2010 to its fullest? Let’s get up to speed now!
  • An introduction to the revised Ribbon
  • A review of file formats updated in Office 2007 and carried over to 2010
  • New features shared by all Office 2010 applications
  • New features specific to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and OneNote
  • An introduction to the new Web Apps
Chapter I: OFFICE 2010 FIRST GLANCE (34 min)
  • The Fluent Interface Revisited
  • The Backstage View
  • Customizing the Ribbon

Chapter II: OFFICE 2010 FILE FORMATS (22 min)
  • XML in Office
  • Converting Older Files
  • Reverting New Files & Prepare for Sharing

Chapter III: OFFICE 2010 SHARED FEATURES (31 min)
  • Using Paste Preview
  • Capturing Images with the Screenshot Tool
  • Correcting Images in Office 2010

Chapter IV: WHAT’S NEW IN WORD 2010 (26 min)
  • Using the Navigation Pane
  • Text Effects, OpenType® Features & Alternative Text
  • Keeping Safe & Opening Unsaved Documents

Chapter V: WHAT’S NEW IN EXCEL® 2010 (43 min)
  • Applying Cross Sheet Conditional Formatting
  • Exploring Data Bar Enhancements
  • Viewing Data with the Sparkline Tools
  • Filtering Data with Slicers
  • Additional Excel Enhancements

Chapter VI: WHAT’S NEW IN POWERPOINT® 2010 (52 min)
  • Creating Presentation Sections
  • Exploring Video Format Tools
  • Exploring Video Playback Tools
  • Enhanced SmartArt®, Animations & Transitions
  • Creating Video & Broadcasting Presentations

Chapter VII: WHAT’S NEW IN ACCESS® 2010 (55 min)
  • Access 2010 at First Glance
  • Entering Table Data & Saving a Template
  • Adding Quick Start Field Collections
  • Empowering Databases with Data Macros
  • Making Data Look Good
  • Using the Data Type Gallery
  • Advanced Access Expressions

Chapter VIII: WHAT’S NEW IN OUTLOOK® 2010 (61 min)
  • Getting Familiar with Interface Updates
  • Monitoring Conversations
  • Taking Control of Your Inbox
  • Simplifying Actions with Quick Steps
  • Keeping Socially Connected

Chapter IX: WHAT’S NEW IN ONENOTE® 2010 (45 min)
  • Creating a OneNote Notebook
  • Adding Notebook Content
  • Keeping Side Notes
  • Searching Your Notes
  • Sharing Your Notebooks

Chapter X: WHAT ABOUT WEB APPS? (44 min)
  • What Are Web Apps?
  • Windows Live® SkyDrive®, Silverlight® & Accessing Web Apps
  • Accessing Files & the Excel Web App
  • Creating Files & Using the PowerPoint Web App
  • Credits
Total Run Time: 7 hrs
Erin A. Olsen has been spreading her enthusiasm and vision for the power of desktop technology since 1994 to more than 37,000 people in seven countries. Since founding PCKeys Technology Solutions, she has authored more than 36 CBT titles, developed hundreds of courses and effectively presented to thousands. When Erin started her technology career, the PC was fairly new. Windows 3.1 was just coming out so she had to find ways to explain this new technical environment in terms non-technical people could understand. Her illustrations and explanations did and continue to do so today in fundamental to advanced topics. Erin combines her formal education in information technology and education with an emphasis in instructional design and technology (B.I.T., M.Ed.), with her technical expertise, real-world experience and understanding of adult learning to present these technical topics in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply and fun manner using relatable examples and analogies. Erin’s unique combination of personality and skills allow her to provide an enhanced learning experience for all that is effective, engaging and memorable.
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