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Libraries - Office 2010: Essentials Bundle

Indian : Rs.16107
International : $248
Learn Microsoft Office 2010 the right way, the first time!
Get started with the Shared and New Features of this latest version of Office that will keep you efficient, productive and connected. Once you are comfortable with all of the main features of the Office Suite, move on to the individual training courses that focus on the powerful tools included in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook.
This comprehensive bundle will teach you to design professional looking documents, spreadsheets and presentations that get attention; from business reports and emails, to newsletters and multi-media projects.
Learn to manage your business and and home finances quickly and efficiently as you create budgets, track expenses and insert charts and graphs. Discover how to add eye-catching images and media to your documents and presentations, how to organize your information, and use templates. Master all the tools you need to create reports, presentations, resumes and newsletters that have a professional touch.
By the time you complete this training, you will be confident in your ability to use Microsoft Office 2010 proficiently and easily.
This series includes all of the custom project files our instructor uses on screen. This allows you to follow along, step-by-step, learning invaluable insider tips and techniques along the way.
New Features Highlights
  • An introduction to the revised Ribbon
  • A review of file formats updated in Office 2007 and carried over to 2010
  • New features shared by all Office 2010 applications
  • New features specific to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and OneNote
  • An introduction to the new Web Apps

Shared Features Highlights
  • A comprehensive introduction to the Fluent interface and Ribbon
  • A complete discussion about the new XML file format and how to work between the old and new formats
  • Managing consistency between application files using common tools like Themes
  • Enhancing documents using images, shapes and SmartArt
  • The ease with which we can save, recover and share files

Microsoft Access 2010 Training Highlights
  • We’ll build a database from the ground up! We’ll learn the basics of design and then get right to work making tables, queries, forms and reports. When we’re done, you’ll not only be able to enter data and open reports in Access you’ll be able to design and structure it so it meets the needs of both you and your data, right from your desktop!

Microsoft Excel 2010 Training Highlights
  • Break down Excel into its component parts to make it more manageable and less overwhelming
  • Use common, understandable names to replace confusing cell references
  • Apply traditional formatting, create custom formats and apply formatting that automatically changes based on conditions you designate
  • Truly understand how formulas and functions work, no matter how seemingly simple or complex
  • Learn the Commandments of Excel Usage™ to ensure your work is efficient and accurate
  • Embrace the power of tables to sort, filter and manage data more easily
  • Create charts with just one click

Outlook 2010 Training Highlights
  • Learn to setup profiles and configure e-mails so you can track all communications in one place
  • Extend your view of what can be done with e-mail and how it can look
  • Discover the benefits of keeping an electronic calendar including the ability to easily setup meetings and share it with others
  • Keep all your contact information with all the details and automate uses of that information
  • Keep a list of tasks you need to accomplish
  • Use folders, junk mail and rules to automate and organize information
  • Organize all of your information in one single place with a common set of tools that allow you to be efficient, effective and professional

PowerPoint 2010 Training Highlights
  • Go beyond pure PowerPoint techniques and learn the necessary design skills and presentation tips too
  • Create powerful, easy-to-update presentations using Masters, themes and layouts
  • Create engaging content using text, graphics, charts, tables, SmartArt and multimedia
  • Manipulate multimedia in ways you never imagined right from within PowerPoint!
  • Apply animations and transitions to keep focus, build anticipation and add just the right amount of “pop”
  • Configure your show or save the file in unique ways that offer flexibility in delivery

Word 2010 Training Highlights
  • Explore the tools & user interface in Word.
  • Learn how to format and style characters and paragraphs.
  • Discover how to quickly add content like bulleted and numbered lists, tables, spreadsheets and images.
  • Optimize long documents, add cover pages, hyperlinks, headers and footers.
  • See how to generate a Table of Contents, proof & protect your documents and create a Mail Merge.
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