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In this Excel 2016 for PC – Charting online training series, you’ll learn how to harness Microsoft® Excel® 2016’s charting capabilities so you can effectively compare data and communicate your information.
Presented by Dan Fanella, PhD, this Excel 2016 for PC – Charting online training series will teach you how to leverage the chart elements and formatting options to energize and highlight your data. You’ll also be guided through presenting your chart using the built-in options of Excel, the Quick Analysis Tool and the Recommended Charts Tool. The elements of using sparklines to visualize your data will provide you with an alternative to charts.
A. Getting Started
  • What you’ll learn
  • Overview of Charts
  • Identify elements of a chart
  • Select chart data in adjacent cells
  • Select chart data in nonadjacent cells
  • Charting using the chart group buttons
  • Quick analysis tool

B. Chart Tabs and Ribbons
  • View a sample chart
  • Create column and bar charts
  • Create line charts
  • Create pie and doughnut charts
  • Create scatter and bubble charts
  • Create area charts
  • Create radar charts
  • Create surface charts
  • Create stock charts
  • Create a chart template
  • Create a combo chart
  • Create a trendline for a chart

C. Format Your Chart
  • Add titles and labels
  • Change the chart type
  • Format the chart area
  • Add a border and/or patterns to the plot area
  • Format the axis properties
  • Set format options for titles and labels
  • Set the placement and font for the legend
  • Change the data series
  • Change the data series pattern or marker
  • Change the shape of a 3D data marker
  • Change the plot order
  • Resize and reposition
  • Show or hide the data table
  • Change the gap and overlap values
  • Change the elevation and rotation
  • Pulling out slices
  • Use a graphic or picture

D. Present Your Chart
  • Place a chart on a separate chart sheet
  • Print a chart sheet
  • Print embedded charts
  • Insert a static copy of a chart
  • Insert a linked copy of a chart
  • Save your chart as a Web page

E. Work with Sparklines
  • Create sparklines
  • Group and ungroup sparklines
  • Edit the sparkline data
  • Change the sparkline type
  • Show sparkline data points
  • Format the sparkline
  • Change axis settings
  • Change hiddine and empty cell settings
  • Clear sparklines

F.New Chart Types
  • Creating a histogram chart and pareto lines
  • Creating a waterfall chart
  • Creating box and whisker plots
  • Creating tree maps and sunburst maps
1 hr 42 min
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