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In this tutorial series, Excel 2013 – Evaluating Data, we’ll cover a variety of ways to set, control, and check that data entered into Microsoft® Excel® 2013 is valid. From creating error messages to checking data, this series will cover how to get the most out of the data validation functions in Excel.
In Excel 2013 – Evaluating Data, you’ll learn the specifics of Data Validation, including identifying invalid data and creating a data validation drop-down list. Instructor Dan Kuemmel guides you through Conditional Formatting next, where he’ll discuss highlight cells, data bars, icon sets, and more!
This training course is for Microsoft Office Excel 2013 for Windows.
A. Getting Started
  • What you’ll learn in this training

B. Data Validation
  • Specifying data validation criteria
  • Creating data validation rule messages
  • Identifying invalid data within a data validation range
  • Creating a data validation drop-down list
  • Finding cells that contain Data Validation rules
  • Clearing existing Data Validation rules

C. Conditional Formatting
  • Understanding conditional formatting
  • Managing Conditional Formatting rules
  • Clearing Conditional Formatting rules
  • Applying Highlight Cells rules pt. 1
  • Applying Highlight Cells rules pt. 2
  • Applying Highlight Cells rules pt. 3
  • Applying Top/Bottom rules
  • Applying data bars
  • Applying color scales
  • Applying icon sets
  • Creating a Conditional Formatting rule
40 min
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