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Photoshop Elements 5

Indian : Rs.2301
International : $35
The series starts with an overview of how to use the Quick Fix mode, correct colors, and import the raw image data from your digital camera.
Learn how to fix defects in an image, sharpen the focus, and add high-resolution text. Plus, the series shows you how to load the newly cleaned up photos onto your iPod or cell phone!
  • Discover how to easily sort and organize large quantities of images using Photoshop Elements.
  • Learn about creating beautiful digital paintings from scratch.
  • See how easy it is to create a digital scrapbook and post it online
  • Understand image resolution for print and onscreen display.
  • Get a better sense of how to manipulate and fix digital images with Photoshop Elements.
Chapter I: Exploring Digital Photography (26 min)
  • Introducing Digital Photography
  • Digital Photography Basics
  • Camera Settings
  • Sharing Your Pictures

Chapter II: A Quick Tour of Photoshop Elements (30 min)
  • The Welcome Screen
  • Making a Photo Creation
  • Introducing Layers
  • Playing with Brushes
  • Applying Styles & Filters
  • Changing the Background, Adding Graphics & Saving
  • Introducing Quick Fix Mode
  • Sharing Photos Online

Chapter III: Laying the Groundwork (25 min)
  • Resolution = Quality (Sometimes)
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using Navigational Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using the File Association Manager
  • Getting Help

Chapter IV: Importing & Organizing Images (30 min)
  • Moving around the Organizer
  • Using Catalogs to Organize Images
  • Importing Images from a Camera or Phone
  • Looking at Stacking & Image Properties
  • Using Tags & Collections to Organize Photos
  • Quickly Correcting Photos with Auto Fix Options
  • Sorting Images Using Date View
  • Sorting Images Using M

Chapter V: Using the Quick Fix Mode (37 min)
  • Introducing the Quick Fix Mode Interface
  • Using the Auto Buttons
  • Using the General & Lighting Sliders
  • Making Color Adjustments
  • Sharpening Images
  • Zooming, Panning & Changing View Size
  • Selecting Parts of an Image
  • Removing Red Eye
  • Cropping & Straightening

Chapter VI: Using the Full Edit Mode (57 min)
  • Introducing the Full Edit Mode Interface
  • Choosing Colors
  • Using the Marquee Selection Tool
  • Selecting with the Lasso Tools
  • Selecting with the Magic Wand Tool
  • Setting Up a New Blank Document
  • Adding Text
  • Creating Warped Text
  • Using the Healing Brush Tools & Clone Stamp Tool
  • Adjusting Lighting in Full Edit Mode
  • Color Correcting in Full Edit Mode
  • Exploring Other Image Adjustment Tools
  • Dividing Scanned Photos

Chapter VII: Exploring the Power of Layers (38 min)
  • Why Layers are Vital
  • Using Layers
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Using Levels & Gradient Maps
  • A More In-Depth Look at the Layers Palette
  • Layer Blending

Chapter VIII: Using Brushes & Special Effects (62 min)
  • Exploring Different Brush Types
  • Introducing the Brush Tools
  • Painting a Picture & Adding a Background
  • Exploring More Options for Brushes
  • Applying Layer Styles
  • Adjust Style Settings & Create a Chrome Effect
  • Introducing Filters
  • Applying Blur Filters
  • Applying Photo Effects
  • Adding Artwork Backgrounds & Frames
  • Adding Artwork Graphics & Shapes
  • Applying a Theme
  • Adding Effects to Text

Chapter IX: Presenting, Printing, & Sharing Photos (38 min)
  • Exploring Photo Creations
  • Creating a Scrapbook Page
  • Creating a CD or DVD Case Insert
  • Creating a Slide Show
  • Creating a Flipbook
  • Ordering Prints & Calendars from Online Services
  • Sharing Images through Email & Online Galleries
  • Printing Images
  • Final Comments & Credits
Total Run Time: 6 hrs
Chad Perkins is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, After Effects, Premiere, and was one of the first in the world to be a Certified Expert in Adobe Encore DVD. He is also an Adobe Certified Print Specialist, an Adobe Certified Video Specialist, and is a CompTIA CTT+ Certified Technical Trainer. He has been teaching graphics applications at advanced levels for 5 years and has a very charismatic and humorous approach to teaching that keeps students entertained and enlightened.

Chad also owns Aveconta, an architectural rendering studio that creates photo-realistic renders from AutoCAD drawings and blueprints.

Chad served for over two years as the Digital 3D and Animation Specialist at a leading lenticular art creation facility in Southern California, where he produced finished art for Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Disney, among others. True to his passion for movies and animation, Chad is currently directing and producing an all-CGI short film.
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