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Photoshop CS5 Extended: Essentials

Indian : Rs.3835
International : $59
Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended: Essentials is learning the way it needs to be: informative and engaging, with fast results. This series is ideal for the beginning user to learn the essentials of Photoshop, and to get up to speed on all of the major features of this powerful image editing software.
It is also perfect for the intermediate user who needs to upgrade to this new version of Photoshop, or has skipped a version, and needs to learn the new features and interface enhancements of this latest iteration.
You’ll learn by following along with professional photographer, author, image editor and teacher, Amadou Diallo, who uses Photoshop everyday in his profession. His real-world lessons, professional techniques, and time-saving tips are presented in a clear, concise manner and they will give you all the foundational knowledge you need to get exceptional results from your Photoshop projects.
By the end of this course you will have excellent beginner to intermediate skills using Photoshop CS5, which is amazing, considering how vast and powerful this software is.
Our time-tested training methods will have you comfortable using all of the key Photoshop tools, palettes, and menu bars, as well as, the major features such as layers, selections, image editing, retouching, working with color and swatches, type design, masks, and blend modes.
Once you are proficient in the foundations of Photoshop, Amadou will move on to more advanced topics and teach you how to work with vector shapes and paths, smart objects, using Adobe Bridge, the basics of Camera Raw, working with complex image layers, alpha channels, composting images, manipulating brushes, and finally outputting for print and the web.
When you complete this course, you will have the knowledge, confidence and skill to edit your images like a professional, and you will be ready to move on to mastering advanced techniques.
If you are already competent using Photoshop and need more in-depth training try our Adobe Photoshop CS5 Advanced training series.
Five New Features covered in this title:
  • The Refine Radius Tool
  • Content-aware healing and fills
  • The Mixer Brush
  • Live Workspace updates
  • Mini Bridge

Chapter I: THE BIG PICTURE (35 min)
  • Pixels & Resolution
  • Color
  • Exploring the Interface
  • Choosing File Formats
  • Viewing & Navigating Images

Chapter II: SETTING UP LIKE A PRO (22 min)
  • Setting User Preferences
  • Choosing Color Settings
  • Customizing the Workspace
  • Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using Rulers & Guides

Chapter III: GLOBAL EDITING (31 min)
  • Understanding the Histogram & Levels
  • Learning the Curves Tool
  • Exploring Hue & Saturation
  • Cropping & Straightening
  • Adjusting Color Balance
  • Creating a Black & White Image

Chapter IV: MAKING SELECTIONS (21 min)
  • Manual Selection Tools
  • Using the Quick Selection Tool
  • Creating Color-Based Selections & Saving Selections

  • Using Adjustment Layers
  • Understanding Layer Masks
  • Creating Gradient Masks
  • Applying Layer Blend Modes
  • Snapshots & the History Brush

Chapter VI: THE FIXER-UPPER (26 min)
  • The Retouching Tools, including Content-Aware Fill
  • Removing Noise from an Image
  • Cloning with Perspective with the Vanishing Point Filter
  • Adjusting Perspective with the Lens Correction Filter
  • Content-Aware Scaling

Chapter VII: TYPE DESIGN (35 min)
  • Working with Type
  • Paragraph & Character Formatting Options
  • Typing on a Path
  • Applying Layer Styles to Type

Chapter VIII: VECTORS, SHAPES & PATHS (22 min)
  • Vectors & the Shape Tools
  • Creating Paths
  • Saving & Loading Paths as Selections
  • Subtracting, Adding Intersecting, & Excluding

Chapter IX: SMART OBJECTS (16 min)
  • Vector Graphics as Smart Objects
  • Creating & Replacing Smart Objects
  • Creating Multiple Instances of a Smart Object
  • Smart Objects Deserve Smart Filters

Chapter X: ADOBE BRIDGE (24 min)
  • Exploring the Workspace
  • Searching & Organizing Files
  • Leveraging Metadata
  • Outputting
  • Using Mini Bridge

  • Using the Basic Panel
  • Applying Selective Edits
  • Converting to Black & White
  • Repairing an Image

  • Manipulating Image Layers
  • Mastering the Layers Panel
  • Creating Layer Groups & Comps

  • Combining Images & Merging the Best Elements
  • Creating Panoramas
  • Auto-Aligning Layers
  • Refine Edges

  • Exploring the Brush Panel
  • Creating a Custom Brush
  • Changing Brush Dynamics
  • Painting with the Mixer Brush

Chapter XV: PRINT & WEB OUTPUT (18 min)
  • Sharpening Images with Smart Sharpen
  • Setting Up the Print Dialog Box
  • Saving for the Web
  • Credits
Total Run Time: 6.2 hrs
Amadou Diallo is a photographer, author, educator and digital imaging expert. A musician by training, Diallo brings his passion for creative expression to each of these endeavors. Diallo’s vast experience with digital capture, editing, and printing has made him a sought-after instructor and consultant for amateur and professional photographers alike. Indeed, for Diallo one of the great pleasures outside of creating his own photographs is teaching others how to reap the benefits of digital imaging in their own work. This love of sharing information led him to write Mastering Digital Black and White: A Photographer’s Guide to High Quality Black-and-White Imaging and Printing (Cengage Learning), widely hailed as a seminal work on digital photography technique. What truly separates Diallo from other digital experts is his unique ability to communicate both the technical and aesthetic requirements for creating stunning images. He is on the faculty of New York’s renowned International Center of Photography (ICP). His latest book, The 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in New York City (Cengage Learning) combines stunning imagery with step-by-step guidance to readers for capturing memorable and professional-looking images of the Big Apple.
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