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ColdFusion 11: Rapid Web and Mobile Enterprise App Development

Indian : Rs.3835
International : $59
In this ColdFusion 11 for Rapid Web and Mobile Enterprise App Development online training series, presenter Dan Fanella teaches you how to create a mobile app using Adobe ColdFusion within the ColdFusion Builder development environment.
This series will show you how to download and install ColdFusion Builder, and covers Mac, Windows & Device platforms.
ColdFusion 11: Rapid Web & Mobile Enterprise App Development is all about using the Adobe ColdFusion markup Language. Learn how to create an app that uses the new CFCLIENT tag that enables creation and interaction with client-side databases, enabling you to create standalone mobile applications. You will also learn how to integrate social media APIs into you mobile application.
Upon completion of this training, you will have learned the basics for creating mobile apps, which will provide a solid foundation for creating more complex apps in the future.
I. Introduction
  • What you’ll learn in this training
  • What is ColdFusion Builder
  • Downloading CF Builder
  • Installing CF Builder
  • Interface overview

II. Getting to Work
  • Creating a new project
  • Creating a mobile project
  • Managing your projects
  • Writing code in ColdFusion Builder
  • Previewing and debugging code
  • Project overview
  • Mobile project setup
  • Creating the Index.cfm
  • Accessing and turning on the server
  • Creating the input form

III. Programming Database Queries
  • Creating the display table
  • Creation and overview of CFCLIENT area
  • Creating a DSN and table create query
  • Getting records from database table

IV. Creating ColdFusion and JavaScript Functions
  • Creating helper function to add item to HTML table
  • Creating Function to add item to database
  • Creating insert item query
  • Creating button onClick function

V. Testing the Application
  • Turning on debugging
  • Choose the correct browser for testing
  • Debugging using Chrome
  • Accessing client side database in Chrome
  • View data within the client side database
  • Adding jQuery UI links
  • Formatting buttons, adding header and footers.
  • Formatting the display table

VI. Publishing the App
  • Accessing PhoneGap project properties
  • Accessing PhoneGap server properties and setting up log in
  • Setting Up iOS and Android key details: iOS, Android, Mac, Google
  • Selecting files to package
  • Selecting device APIs
  • Packaging the application
1 hour 44 min
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