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Adobe CS5: Production Essentials - Premium Bundle

Indian : Rs.20862
International : $321
This training is the ultimate video production training suite. You will learn to create professional looking video productions, motion graphics, visual effects, and interactive experiences. Boost your creativity and learn to use the video, audio, and design tools, CS5 Production Premium offers.
You will be more efficient as you learn to integrate all of the software components of Production Premium for a complete toolset that will help you master your video editing workflows from story board through post-production. This 37 hour series is the ultimate teaching tool that will give you all the skills and know how you need to master your Adobe Production Premium software.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Bundle training costs up to 60% less vs. purchasing the individual products separately.
After Effects CS5 Training Highlights
  • Learn to create compositions, use Roto Brush and Auto Keyframes
  • Discover how to use and interpolate masks
  • Explore how to animate using the text animation engine
  • Learn to use the parenting capabilities of After Effects
  • Use the After Effects’ 3D engine

Encore CS5 Training Highlights
  • Learn how to author DVDs
  • Discover how to create a slideshow
  • Add Customized Menus to your DVDs
  • Create playlists and add subtitles

Flash CS5 Training Highlights
  • Learn the new drawing tools
  • Explore code snippets for actionScript
  • Work with motion presets and tweens
  • Understand the Flash workspaces
  • Discover how to use the motion editor panel

Illustrator CS5 Training Highlights
  • Creating, Using & Updating Graphic Styles
  • Building Intricate Logos with the new Shape Builder Tool
  • Making Artwork Pixel-Perfect for Web Export
  • Insanely Accurate Layout Techniques-no excuses!
  • Live Trace & Pantone Colors for T-Shirt Design

Photoshop CS5 Training Highlights
  • The Refine Radius Tool
  • Content-aware healing and fills
  • The Mixer Brush
  • Live Workspace updates
  • Mini Bridge

Premiere Pro CS5 Training Highlights
  • Learn how to create sequences
  • Master capturing video from tape
  • Add transitions & keyframes
  • Discover how to export your work in the proper format
  • Cover new features like the Speech to text workflow
  • Expand native tapeless workflows (using the Media browser)
  • Explore the New Sequence Presets

Soundbooth CS5 Training Highlights
  • Learn to Normalize Audio
  • Discover the power of Adding Effects
  • Become confident working with Multi track editing
  • Use Resource Central like a Pro
  • Export files for use in other applications and more
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