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Access 2016 for PC

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Microsoft® Office® has taken Access® to a whole new level with version 2016. In this intensive Access 2016 for PC online training series, you’ll check out the new features added, such as new improved templates, a help search box, and linked data Excel® sheet, as well as get up to speed on interface basics like creating a database.
Presented by Kenneth Gammel, this Access 2016 for PC course will show you how you no longer need to be a topnotch database developer to produce what you need. Regular users can now work with templates that allow them to create custom applications for the Internet, maintain student contact lists, or even manage projects. One of Microsoft’s main goals in developing Access 2016 was to simplify the browser-based application creation process for users.
You can run Access 2016 if it’s been installed on your computer as part of the Office 2016 package, or you can run it from the cloud as part of OneDrive®. You still have the flexibility of designing your own database from scratch if you wish, or you can work with the collection of templates that are available to use as a starting point.
. What’s New?
  • Themes and templates
  • Do things quickly with Tell Me
  • Export linked data source to Excel

B. Getting Started
  • Begin from a template
  • Working with access objects: Tables
  • Working with Access objects: Understanding forms
  • Working with Access objects: Entering data into a form
  • Working with Access objects: Reports
  • Working with access objects: Queries

C. Basics
  • Overview of the Ribbon
  • Customize the Ribbon
  • Reset Ribbon customization
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Reset the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Using the Navigation pane and shutter bar
  • Using the Backstage view
  • Create a PDF

D. Understand Content Security
  • Enable a database that is not trusted
  • Trust Center
  • Define trusted locations

E. Create a Database
  • Create a new database based on an existing database
  • Create a database from a template
  • Find database templates online
  • Begin a new database from scratch

F. Create a Table: The First Steps
  • Create a table in Design view
  • Create a table by entering data
  • Create a table using a template
  • Assign a primary key
  • Assign multiple primary keys
  • Insert additional fields
  • Delete existing fields
  • Navigate through a table
  • Add, edit, and delete records in a table

G. Work with a Table
  • Find data in a table
  • Replace data in a table
  • Enter data using AutoCorrect
  • Add to the AutoCorrect collection
  • Hide and unhide columns
  • Freeze and unfreeze columns
  • Rename a field
  • Copy a field
  • Change row height and column width
  • Filter records in a table
  • Filter records by form

H. Create a Form
  • Create a simple form
  • Working with the property sheet in layout view
  • Modifying the layout of a form
  • Create a form using the Form wizard
  • Create a form from scratch
  • Add a field to a form
  • Work in Design view
  • Using a form for adding, modifying, or deleting records
  • Display a form and its data simultaneously

I. Queries
  • Create a detail query
  • Create a summary query
  • Create a query in Design view
  • Create a multiple table query
  • Add criteria to a query
  • Logical operators in queries
  • Sort query results
  • Find the top values in a query

J. Reports
  • Create a report using the Report wizard
  • Create a one click report
  • Create a report in Design view
  • Create a report in Layout view
  • Add a page header and footer
  • Add a report header and footer
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