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Access 2007 - Advanced

Indian : Rs.3835
International : $59
In Access 2007  Advanced, presenter Beth Bruestle will teach you how to work with Tables & Fields, Queries, Forms, and Reports. Then she’ll cover topics such as PivotTables, Macros, Database tools, and more!
This is training for Microsoft Access 2007 for Windows.

Access 2007 Advanced will teach you all about Microsoft Access 2007, the easy-to-use database software that helps you track and report information with ease.  It features a results-oriented user interface thatís context-sensitive and optimized for efficiency and flexibility.  Youíll be on your way to being an Access power-user after working through this advanced level tutorial series!
Relationships & Referential Integrity
  • Understanding relationships
  • Creating a one-to-many relationship pt. 1
  • Creating a one-to-many relationship pt. 2
  • Creating a many-to-many relationship
  • Enforcing referential integrity
  • Editing and deleting relationships
  • Modifying the Relationship window
  • Printing Table relationships

Tables & Fields
  • Indexing a field
  • Indexing multiple fields
  • Using Validation rules and text in a table
  • Creating a Lookup field
  • Creating a Value list
  • Using the Attachment Data Type

  • Creating a Union query
  • Creating a Crosstab query
  • Concatenating two or more fields
  • Using the Between And operator
  • Using Wild Card characters
  • Using the IIF function

  • Creating a sub form
  • Displaying a sub form calculation
  • Opening a sub form in a new window
  • Setting control defaults
  • Using a Tab control
  • Managing attachments in a form
  • Adding a totals row to Datasheet view

  • Creating a sub report
  • Creating numbered lists
  • Creating a multicolumn report
  • Creating a report template
  • Coloring alternate rows in a table, form, or report

Charts, PivotTables, & PivotCharts
  • Creating a chart in a form or report pt. 1
  • Creating a chart in a form or report pt. 2
  • Editing an existing chart pt. 1
  • Editing an existing chart pt. 2
  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Working in a PivotTable pt. 1
  • Working in a PivotTable pt. 2
  • Working in a PivotTable pt. 3
  • Creating a PivotChart from a PivotTable
  • Creating a PivotChart
  • Working in a PivotChart pt. 1
  • Working in a PivotChart pt. 2
  • Working in a PivotChart pt. 3

  • Understanding a Switchboard
  • Creating a Switchboard using the Switchboard Manager pt. 1
  • Creating a Switchboard using the Switchboard Manager pt. 2
  • Creating a Switchboard from scratch

  • Creating a simple macro
  • Creating a macro using the Macro Builder
  • Assigning a macro to a form/report control event
  • Adding a condition to a macro
  • Creating a group macro
  • Creating an AutoExec macro
  • Using Single Step mode to test a macro

Exporting Data
  • Exporting an object to another Access database
  • Exporting to a spreadsheet
  • Exporting to a text file
  • Exporting to Microsoft Word
  • Using a table or query as a Mail Merge data source

Importing Data
  • Importing from another Access database
  • Importing spreadsheet data
  • Importing text files pt. 1
  • Importing text files pt. 2
  • Linking tables from other Access databases

Database Tools & Maintenance
  • Compacting and repairing a database
  • Backing up a database
  • Using the Database Documenter
  • Converting an Access database
  • Checking object dependencies

Smart Tags, Startup, & Help
  • Using Smart Tags
  • Setting Startup options
  • Using Help
2 hrs 35 min
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