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Coding for Kids 2

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Learning to code is a great way to expand our minds and learn how to “think” like a computer does. It is no longer surprising to see kids of all ages playing with computers. Now is the time to take their interests to the next level. Once kids have mastered a project and can say “Look! I made that happen!” You will begin to see a change in the way they view computers. Children can enjoy our lessons that will result in them creating fun, playable games that they have coded themselves!
Learn to Code and Make Games!
I Coding a Story
  • Coding is all the time becoming more and more interesting. Learn how to create your very own story-telling ‘Sprite’ in this wonderful introduction to coding computer games! Have you got your own idea for a new game or do you just like making them? It all begins with your story. Join us as we learn how to create our own unique games in ‘Scratch’.
  • We will begin our journey into game development by discussing a question that you will decide on. ‘Scratch’ allows us to code quick simple games using the fully interactive graphical interface. In this lesson we will introduce you to the overview of the course and what you can expect to learn. Before we finish we will create a unique story game about computers games and you.

II Racing our Friends
  • It is important to make sure players can interact with our games. Otherwise they wouldn’t be much fun to keep playing. To do this we must learn about events that happen in games that you might not even be aware are happening! Make your very own race course and challenge your friends to beat the fastest time!
  • In this lesson we will learn about controlling our ‘Sprites’ with the keyboard and learning how to add multiple players to the game. Learn how to create paint your very own backdrops and what techniques are involved in level design. Find out how to add extras to your race course like speeding up and slowing down when an event is triggered and how to read our code in the order that it is written.

III Maze Games
  • Good code isn’t about getting the computer to do things. It’s about doing them quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to spend hours coding or waiting for the results. Another major issue is managing information – also known as data. Computers are constantly using data to work things out. So data must be stored in what’s known as a “Variable” to help the computer find what it needs.
  • To create our very own Maze Games we will look at different ways to code the keyboard movement and find out which is the quickest and most efficient way to move through our Maze. We will begin making complex code by using and storing data which can help us build the Maze and even make it more fun to play!

IV Arcade Games
  • Now we can begin creating our first real game. This is an arcade game that began in 1976 and due to its simplicity there is no standard version of the game. The game resurfaced in 1991 when it was released as a mini game on Nokia phones and has found a resurgence in interest since then again and again. Now it’s our turn to remaster the classic: Snake!
  • In this lesson we will learn how to create an arcade game from scratch. To do this we must examine events that make the snake move, how it grows and what happens when we bump into ourselves. We will look at Lists in Scratch and creating a “High Score” variable while introducing operators that can randomly spawn the eggs that our snake must eat!

V Escape Games
  • Jumping in Games
VI Endless Survival Games
  • Escape the room
VII Quest Game Part 1
  • Making Enemies
VIII Quest Game Part 2
  • Connecting Levels and adding our Story
Weekly quizzes are provided by Shaw Academy to candidates for validating their knowledge.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the live webinars and access the recordings of Shaw Academy?
You can participate using your own computer via the internet, both Windows and Mac devices will suffice. You can access recordings via your student log in area found in menu tab. Live lessons are not essential in order to pass diploma courses. You can view the recordings in your own time.

What is the duration of one webinar from Shaw Academy?
It lasts approximately 1 hour, not including questions and answers at the end of the live sessions.

What if I miss the lecture by Shaw Academy? Will I be able to catch up?
That's no problem. We also record each lecture as we broadcast them. We make these videos available to you within 24 hours of each lecture concluding and you will have unlimited access to the videos for up to 12 days after the entire course has been completed.

Are there any assignments by Shaw Academy?
We provide you with weekly quizzes in order to self-assess your progress. These are completely voluntary and a fantastic revision tool. Only live courses have weekly quizzes. Upon course completion a final assignment will be made available. There is a €19.90 administration charge to complete the final assignment and receive the certificate.


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