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Indian : Rs.11800
International : $189
Learn to use various approaches/techniques to test web applications spanning manual test case creation techniques with Selenium.
  • Develop test automation skills
  • Online programming platform
  • Develop automated test scripts
After completing this course, the learners will be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of software testing concepts, ability to apply those concepts in day-to-day testing tasks.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of test automation frameworks, understand which models to apply under which project context.
  • Understand basic object oriented concepts such as oops, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism and abstraction.
  • Understand primary elements of web HTML, Javascript, CSS and XPATH.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Selenium test automation frameworks, apply those in web projects.
Job Mapping:
  • IT Graduates can kick-start their bright career with this program and join corporates as a QA/Test Automation Engineer.
  • An Entry-Level QA/ Test Automation Engineer earns an average salary of Rs 4 lakhs per year in India.
  • Professionals with 0 to 3+ years of experience either in development or manual testing can jump up the ladder as Senior Engineer.
  • The average pay for a Mid-Career Senior QA/ Test Automation Engineer is Rs 8 lakhs per year in India.
Introduction to Test Automation
  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Introduction to Black Box Testing Techniques
  • Introduction to Test Automation
  • Introduction to Test Automation Frameworks

Introduction to HTML, Javascript and Java
  • Basic HTML Tags and Attributes
  • HTML Forms with basic JavaScript validation
  • Special characters and escape sequence in javascript
  • Browser developer tools/Add-ons to identify HTML elements
  • CSS and Xpath basics
  • Identifying & interacting HTML elements
  • Introduction to Java & Object Oriented Programming basics
  • Data Types, String and Arrays, Loops in Java
  • Intro about Abstract class and interface

Introduction To Selenium IDE
  • Understanding and Installing Selenium
  • Recording, editing a test and play back
  • Running Test Script Against Various Browsers Using RC
  • Understanding and Installing Selenium

Introduction to Selenium Webdriver
  • What is WebDriver?
  • WebDriver architecture
  • Working with various drivers
  • Identifying and Interacting with HTML Elements using WebDriver
  • Intro to Junit and TestNG unit testing framework
  • Testing Ajax/dynamic elements with WebDriver
  • Test Suite with Junit and TestNG
  • Data driven testing using TestNG
  • Screen capture using WebDriver
  • Advanced user interactions

Introduction to Selenium Grid
  • Introduction to Selenium Grid Installing, and Running Grid and Node
  • Preparing a Test and Running it in Grid using WebDriver

Introduction To Mobile Testing Using Selendroid
  • Third party libraries that support Mobile Testing using Selenium
  • Selendroid - Web Application
  • Selendroid - Native application
  • Selendroid - Hybrid application
  • Enhance your skills in Test Automation.
  • Develop automated test scripts against given sample applications.
  • Test execution and utilise your saved efforts on newer projects or requirements.
  • As Test Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Tester etc. The average entry level salary for professionals with the certification is 3lpa INR.
  • Software Engineers / Testers/ Developers
  • BSc - IT Graduates
  • MCA Graduates
  • MBA (IT) Graduates
  • PGDBA (IT) Diploma Graduates
  • Aspirants looking for great IT career
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