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Indian : Rs.8900
International : $127
Business Analytics course helps in understanding the statistical tools & techniques used to examine and solve business problems within the data collected.
  • Learn from real life case studies
  • Instructor-led sessions
  • 24/7 access to e-learning content
After completing this course, the learners will be able to:
  • Understanding of basic statistical concepts and types of data
  • Understanding of sampling techniques
  • Understanding of frequency distributions and measures of central tendency, dispersion and shape
  • Knowledge of the one-way analysis of variance and correlation
  • Knowledge of linear regression and linear programming
What is Business Analytics?
  • Describe business analytics
  • Describe the evolution of analytics beginning with “scientific management” to its present form
  • Describe the differences between analytics and analysis and explain the concept of insights
  • Describe the broad types of business analytics

Case for Business Analytics
  • Describe how organizations benefit from using analytics

Understanding Data
  • Describe the importance of data in business analytics
  • Describe the differences between data, information and knowledge
  • Describe the various stages that an organization goes through in terms of data maturity
  • Explain what an organization can do in the absence of good quality data

Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Mining
  • Explain the differences between Business Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Describe the two major components within Business Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Understand how Data Mining as a technique helps both Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

Analytical Decision-Making
  • Describe the analytical decision-making process
  • Describe the characteristics of the analytical decision-making process

Analysing Business Problems Using Key Questions
  • Describe how a business problem can be broken down repeatedly into key questions and then answered through analytics
  • Describe the characteristics of a good key question

Skills of a Good Business Analyst
  • Identify the skills of a good business analyst

Future of Business Analytics
  • Describe the current trends that are likely to shape the future of business analytics

Big Data Analytics in the Enterprise
  • Describe the characteristics of big data
  • Describe how hardware and software technologies are helping analytics handle extremely large volumes of data

Social Media Analytics
  • Define social media analytics
  • Describe the capabilities and common goals of social media analytics

Basic Statistical Concepts and Types of Data
  • Define statistics and its use in business
  • Describe the types of data
  • Describe the basic statistical concepts

Sampling Techniques
  • Explain the concept of sampling and why it is necessary
  • Describe the various techniques for sampling
  • Describe a good sample

Frequency Distributions and Measures Of Central Tendency
  • Describe frequency distributions
  • Explain the various measures of central tendency

Variability and Shape
  • Explain the different measures of dispersion
  • Explain the different measures of shape

One-way Analysis of Variance
  • Explain the concept of ANOVA
  • Calculate ANOVA using MS Excel
  • Test a hypothesis using ANOVA

  • Evaluate the statistical relationships between two random variables and understand the measure of correlation
  • Identify and quantify correlation between two datasets using MS Excel
  • Explain the concepts of correlation versus causation

Linear Regression
  • Explain how to model statistical relationships between two data series using linear regression
  • Create a linear regression model to forecast values using linear regression in MS Excel

Linear Programming
  • Explain the concept of linearity
  • Describe linear programming
  • Formulate a linear programming problem

Linear Programming – Allocation Models
  • Describe allocation models in linear programming
  • Solve allocation model problems in linear programming using MS Excel

Linear Programming – Covering Models
  • Describe covering models in linear programming
  • Solve covering model problems in linear programming using MS Excel
  • Knowledge of Statistical Techniques of Business Analytics
  • Development of analytical and decision-making abilities by examining real-life case studies
  • Certification on Business Analytics is great value-add for the student’s resume, which can help him/her pursue a promising career
  • Industry recognized Business Analytics certification from Manipal ProLearn after completion of the program.
  • Find opportunities as Business Analyst, Project Manager, etc. Certified Business analysts earn anywhere between 5 - 12 lakhs INR pa.
  • Engineering and IT Students – BTech / BE, BCA, MCA, BSc-IT, MSc-IT
  • Commerce & Finance Students - BCom / MCom, Economics Graduates, MBA or BBA
  • Highly recommended for people aspiring for jobs that required data handling – Research, Marketing, IT Services, Big Data & more
  • People who are already employed, but want to upskill themselves in the domain of Business Analytics
  • As a prerequisite, participants should already have attended the Introduction to Business Analytics course or have knowledge of the basics of Business Analytics.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price of the program inclusive of taxes?
The price mentioned on the page is inclusive of all taxes and you do not have to pay anything over and above that.

Is this a distance or online program?
This is an online program, available in 2 modes – online as well as Instructor-Led.

What is the difference between online program and instructor led program?
In the online mode, learning is self-paced, meaning learners have to learn about the course on their own using the study materials provided to them after registration. In the Instructor-led version, learners will be provided assistance of faculty who will take them through the course through live webinars.

Why Instructor led course version is better than online?
Unlike online version where you have to learn the program on your own, the instructor led version is much better as it has provision of live webinars and a dedicated faculty who will walk you through the course and also address your queries, if any, during the webinars. You can also chat with them, when in doubt.

Is there any option of face-to-face classes?
No. Online and instructor led are the only options available, currently.

What is the duration of Business Analytics program?
The duration of the course is 90 days. You just need to spend 1 hour each day for 90 days to become a successful Business Analyst.

What are the unique features of this Program?
Our Business Analytics program is aligned to current industry requirements, uses latest tools and techniques and the curriculum of the course has been developed in consultation with industry practitioners.

How and when are the exams conducted?
The exams are conducted online. The exam window is activated 1 month after the course purchase. You will get 3 attempts to clear for the certification. Please note that there should be a minimum gap of 7 days between each attempt.

If I clear the assessment in the first attempt, is there a scope for improvement?
Yes. There is. Even after clearing the assessment in the first attempt, you can go for the remaining 2 attempts. The best grade among the 3 assessments will be considered as the final grade for certification.

Do I have to pay separately for the exam?
The exam fee is included in the fee. You will not be charged anything extra for it.

What is the passing mark?
The minimum marks that you need to pass is 50%.

Do I have to pay the re-exam fee, if I’m unable to pass in first attempt?
No worries. If you are not able to pass the exam in first attempt, you will get two more attempts and we will not charge you a single rupee for it. Just note that there should be a minimum gap of 7 days before taking the re-exam.

How is the curriculum designed?
The Business Analyst Certificate Training encompasses 30 modules wherein 20 modules are based on theoretical concepts and 10 are based on statistical techniques.

Other than the modules, what will I learn during the program?
Besides the extensive course material, you will also be provided case studies on live stock market projects.

What are the payment options?
You can pay through your debit card or net banking in one shot. You can also pay by Credit Card from all the leading banks. EMI Option can be availed when using credit card (interest will have to be borne by you).

What are the next steps after payment?
As soon you pay for the course, you will be provided with a login and password to access the MANIPALPROLEARN PORTAL platform. You can find all the information and study material related to your course on the LMS. You can access this platform 24x7, download PDF files of study material and chat with faculty, when in doubt.

What will I be qualified to do upon completing the Business Analytics Certification?
Upon successful completion, you will become an expert in analysing business data, risk and find suitable solutions for the same. You will learn the tricks to plan your business in the right way.

Im not a techie! What background knowledge is necessary?
No previous knowledge or experience in business analytics is required. This specialization is designed for anyone interested in understanding how decisions are made using big data.

For how long will I have access to the course materials?
You will have 3 months of access to the course material.

What is the relevance of the certification?
The Business Analytics certificate offered by Manipal ProLearn on the successful completion of the course is industrially recognised and has global acceptance.

When will I get the certificate?
You can download the e-certificate as soon as you complete your assessment. No hard copy certificates will be provided.

Does the programme provide job assistance services?
While we ensure the students get depth of knowledge and develop their skills in applying their learning, we do not provide job assistance service yet.

What is the next step after this course?
After this course you can upskill your Business analytics skill by taking up the Business Analytics with R certification.

What If I have more queries?
In case, there is something more that you want to know, then please do call us at our  number 9958934646/8010230510 or drop us a mail at


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