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Data Executive

Indian : Rs.5750
International : $96
This is an entry level program designed for beginners to create awareness about Big Data. It introduces learners to concepts like Big Data 1O1, Mathematics Modeling, Coding in DB Environment and Coding in DB Environment.
For beginners to Create Awareness on Big Data
  • Big Data Characteristics
  • Big Data and Business
  • Big Data Case studies
  • Data Relationships and Data Model
  • Data Grouping 
  • Clustering Algorithms
  • UPGMA Clustering Algorithm
  • Single link Clustering Algorithm
  • KPIs and Business
  • KPIs and Data Elements
  • Mapping for business outcomes
  • Basic and Advanced Query
Any UG/ PG Graduates
40 Hours
Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?
Yes, you will get a course completion certificate at end of the course

How can I ask my queries?
Facility to ask queries is given on the portal The queries will be answered within 24-48 hours

Why is the cost more than that of other vendors?
One must also see depth of the course. The other vendors will teach you a lot of things in a short span thus making you a jack of all trades. Our courses are designed keeping the industry requirements under consideration and the learner will be an expert in the field.

What are the various payment options available?
Any online or offline methods may be used

What will be the salary for a fresher?
It will be between 4- 6 lakhs

What will be the duration of the videos?
Each session will be for approx. 2 hours

What if I miss a session?
The course is completely self-paced. You can view the videos any time you want.

Is placement guarantee provided?
Yes, placement guarantee can be given, but a prior screening is done for enrolling in this program. An additional fees of Rs. 25,000 will have to be given for the same.

Can I complete the course earlier?
The course can be completed within a minimum time of 7 months.

Can I pay the money in installments?
Yes, flexible installment options can be provided on request.


Praxis Business School & 361DM

The genesis of Praxis Business School is driven by the desire to create business professionals who can participate in and contribute to the economic growth of the country. Our vision of producing ‘industry-ready’ professionals fashions every activity and strategy at Praxis from pedagogy to delivery to partnering. It is our endeavor to create an experience that brings the industry and academia closer – placements, both for summers and on graduation, are an integral part of this endeavor, rather than a stand-alone activity.

361 Degree Minds is an online learning and education company founded in 2006 by BITS, Pilani Alumni. The organization has worked with managers from 20 nationalities in 5 APAC countries. The programs of the company are designed and Delivered based on Research in Adult Learning. The company has devised IP learning methodology and tech platform. The organization is headed by a team with cumulative 30+years of prior industry experience

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