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Indian : Rs.500
International : $10

This introductory course set basics for an individual who has a plan of taking an idea to market as well as for the person who is going to launch the new product or an existing product seeking for guidance on how to make it successfully adopted in market. It is geared to any type of idea, whether social impact in nature or otherwise, whether software, mobile app or services and consumer products.
The course helps to remove some of the barriers we as a person place ahead of ourselves, introduces key aspects of what makes amazingly successful products and then teaches the basics of a Rapid Product Validation approach to help turn ideas into reality at a fraction of the cost, risk and loss of sanity.


The course enables the candidate to:

  • Assess the current stage of maturity for his/her product or idea.
  • Assess the current level of validation for his/her idea or product.
  • Understand the Rapid Product Validation process and determine how it can be applied to his/her idea or product.
  • Introduction, Approach & Agenda (IC1)
  • Product Maturity Phases & Characteristics (IC1)
  • Understanding why we validate (IC1)
  • Introduction to the Product Validation Process (IC1)
  • Determining Core Value & Impact (IC1)
  • Determining core capabilities (IC1)
  • Determining business & adoption models (IC1)
  • Developing a prototype (IC1)
  • Validating in market (IC1)
  • Next steps post validation (IC1)

The candidate must have sound knowledge of english and internet. No other pre-requisite is required or recommended. 

However, this course is meant for a person who has:

  • An idea of any type that one is passionate about and would truly like to see materialize,
  • Already invested time and money in a prototype, demo or early version of a product and is seeking guidance to make it amazing.
  • A product in market and is seeking ways to boost its adoption and success.

  • Self-Paced,
  • Online (Video content: 27 minutes. Total duration to complete: 2 - 2.5 hours)



All: Concept/Idea/Napkin, Prototype, Pilot/Beta, in Market.


PV1 – Product Validation – Establishing core value and impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the certifying body for the courses?

After successful completion of the course, students will get certificate jointly by Rapid Skillz and AcceleratorU.

What will I get after the completion of the programme?

As it is training oriented program, after completion you will find yourself with more confidence with increased knowledge related of this course along with a Certificate.

What is the difference between classroom teaching and online course?

Classroom teaching requires physical presence of classroom and teacher, whereas distance learning courses can be studied anytime, anywhere as per your time schedule and convenience.

Can Foreign Nationals apply for the course?

Yes, anybody can apply from any part of the globe.For details of Fee Structure please contact us at or call at +91-9958934646

Can I take two or more certification exams at one time?

Yes you can take as many numbers of courses at a time.

Do you have any refund policy for this course?

We do not refund any payment. However we assure you of complete satisfaction. If you have any service related issue please contact us or mail us at

What are the various options of making payment?

You can pay using Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking and cash cards.

What is the minimum eligibility required to get myself enrolled for the Programme?

Anybody can apply.

Will there any assessment for this course for issuing a certificate?

Yes, You need to Complete a Short assessment.


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AcceleratorU is an Canadian online eLearning University that focuses in the areas of Venture Creation, Acceleration, Adoption and Financing. We work to strengthen the existing physical accelerator, incubator, economic development, student and other entrepreneurial hub capacity through 100% online programming via on-demand courses, webinars and fully online venture programs.


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