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Soundbooth CS3: Essentials

Indian : Rs.3068
International : $47
Learn about the focused tools that are designed for video editors, Flash designers, and motion graphics artists. Audio editing will become a breeze as Bert shows you how to cut, copy, paste, fade, and stretch audio assets. Soundbooth offers a well-stocked rack of audio effects, as well as your own professional studio musician, right inside your computer.
  • Get rid of hiss, hum, and other unwanted artifacts with Spectral Editing and Noise Reduction filters.
  • Use EQ to shape your sounds and clean up problem areas, professionally and effectively.
  • Get control of your voiceovers, adding clarity and punch with Dynamics Processing.
  • Separate time and pitch in your audio, allowing you to change one without affecting the other.
  • Create customized musical scores in minutes with AutoComposer.
Chapter I GETTING STARTED (16 min)
  • Making Your First Sound
  • A Very Basic Glossary

Chapter II AUDIO EDITING (65 min)
  • Cutting, Splicing & Pasting
  • Volumes & Fades
  • Introduction to the Spectral Analyzer
  • Noise Reduction Filters
  • Manual Spectral Edits
  • Changing Pitch & Stretching Time

  • Overview of Effects in Soundbooth
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Equalization, Part 1
  • Equalization, Part 2
  • Dynamics Processing, Part 1
  • Dynamics Processing, Part 2

Chapter IV AUTO COMPOSER (18 min)
  • Choosing a Score Template
  • Basic Editing Mode
  • Keyframe Editing Mode
  • Final Comments & Credits
Total Run Time: 2.5 hrs
Bert Baldwin has been a musician and audio engineer all his life. His 20-plus years of musicianship have honed his ear, and his many years of audio engineering experience have given him a knowledge base he is eager to share. Bert has worked extensively on several major-label music releases, has toured the world with respected musical acts, and has received several RIAA certified gold and platinum sales awards for his efforts. His passion for sonic and visual excellence has been recognized and well received by those with whom he has had the pleasure of working.
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