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Placement Preparatory Guide

Indian : Rs.14013
International : $201
Transform your resume, boost your confidence and land your dream job with this course.
  • Create, structure and write a perfect resume
  • Develop effective interview responses
  • Effectively participate and converse in GDs
  • Create, structure and write a perfect resume. It will also help you to draft a cover letter for your job personal.
  • Crack any group discussion and effectively participate and converse on the given topic.
  • Strengthen your basic concepts and to perform well at interviews.
Resume Writing
  • Understand the purpose of a resume
  • Understand what the organizations look for in a resume
  • Formulate your personal statement
  • Create your personal SWOT
  • Structure a resume
  • Write a resume
  • Draft a cover letter

Group Discussion
  • Understand a GD and its purpose
  • Understand different types of GD and what a panel looks for
  • Understand the preparation required to participate effectively in a GD
  • Understand the correct way of presenting yourself during a GD
  • Understand how to have an effective closure to the discussion in a GD

Interview Faceoff
  • Defining Interviews and their Purpose
  • How to leverage oneself during an Interview
  • Understand the concept of Body Languages and its dos and doníts
  • Learning Self-reflection and Interviewer’s signals, STAR technique and Mock Interviews
  • Formulate your personal statement and create your personal SWOT.
  • Structure and draft a resume and a cover letter.
  • Speak with confidence on any general topics on which GDs are conducted.
  • Apply tools and tips for developing effective interview responses.
  • Students
  • Corporate or Government Employees
  • Graduates and Post Graduates
  • Junior and Mid-Level Management
  • Senior Management
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