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Get introduced to concepts around business strategy and learn about the processes of developing a strategy and establishing linkages to its execution.
  • Business Strategy Certificate by Manipal ProLearn
  • Self-assessment Exercises
  • Learn at your Convenience
After completing this course, the learners will be able to:
  • Appreciate the concepts of Business Strategy
  • Understand how strategy is applied by various business for growth and to reach a market leader position.
  • Perform SWOT Analysis, understand how the Porter Five forces framework is used for Industry analysis.
  • Understand the seven components of McKinsey 7S Model.
Introduction to Business Strategy
  • Explain the concept of business strategy
  • Explain the need for having a business strategy
  • Identify the essential components of a business strategy
  • Describe the consequences having an inadequate business strategy
  • Explain the concept of positioning
  • Describe the term sustainable competitive advantage

Strategic Positioning and Choices
  • Identify the three strategies for creating competitive advantage
  • Explain how these strategies—cost leadership
  • Differentiation and focus—differ from each other

Grand Strategies and Functional Strategies
  • Describe grand strategies
  • Describe functional strategies
  • Differentiate between grand and functional strategies
  • Explain the role of functional strategies in select functions

Strategy Formulation
  • Describe the process of developing a strategy
  • Identify the stages of the strategy development process
  • Explain the importance of vision and mission statements
  • Describe the concept of strategic objectives

Strategy Formulation in Different Industries
  • Identify the various categories of industries based on their developmental stage
  • Describe the strategy formulation process for each category

Analysing the External Environment
  • Explain the methods used for analysing the external environment of a business
  • Describe Porter’s five forces framework for industry analysis
  • Explain how to apply the five forces model in any given industry
  • Explain the concept of scenario planning and demonstrate its application

Analysing the Internal Environment
  • Explain the elements of SWOT analysis and how it can be applied
  • Describe the popular categories of financial ratios and their applicability
  • Describe the concept of value chain and ecosystems in strategic planning

Strategy Implementation
  • Describe how to create a fit between the strategy and the activities of the firm
  • Explain the components of McKinsey 7S Model

Winning the Competitive Battle!
  • Describe the concept of competitor analysis
  • Identify the components of competitor analysis
  • Describe how to create a competitor response profile

Strategy for Non-Profits
  • Eplain the considerations for strategy formulation in the non-profit sector
  • Explain the concept of mission gap
  • Describe the strategy development process for a non-profit with the help of an example
  • Explain the role of trade-offs and mission creep in non-profits

Thinking Strategically
  • Explain the concept of strategic thinking
  • Describe the relationship between strategic thinking and game theory
  • On signing up for the course you will get immediate access to information and course content.
  • Enhance your skills in Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation and learn more about Strategic Positioning and Choices
  • Rich set of examples, industry scenarios explained by the subject matter expert via concept and demonstration videos
  • Effective analysis of internal and external environment
  • Find opportunities as Business Manager, Business Development Manager, Operations Manager etc. in different industries etc. Professionals with a certification in Business Strategy earn anywhere between 3 - 7lac INR per annum, based on experience.

  • Industry Professionals from various domains
  • Young, enthusiast professionals, founders and co-founders of start-ups who are all set for a big leap in their career
  • Professionals with 5-6 yrs of experience and are now required to grow up the ladder in higher management where strategizing is very critical.
  • Highly recommended for people aspiring for to become strategists.
  • Those people who are required to strategize but do not have much idea on “what they are in for”
  • Students with management background – MBA or BBA
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