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This course gives you the knowledge on accounting concepts and how to use the Tally.

  • Certificate in Basics of Tally will introduce you on how to use Tally.ERP 9 - the most critical skill that Corporate Finance departments and Accounting firms look for.
  • Get a Certificate in Tally and differentiate from your peers.
  • Learn Tally and answer interview questions more confidently and be technically proficient.
  • Basics of Tally.ERP 9 will prepare you to get job as Accountant, Financial Analyst in Corporate Finance departments of companies such as Reliance, Airtel, Wipro, Infosys, etc.
  • With Basics of Tally certificate you can apply in accounting firms such as KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Grant Thornton etc.


  • Principles of Accounting
  • Double Entry System and Basic Documents


  • Company Setup
  • Alter and Shut a Company
  • Creating Accounting Masters


  • Inventory Masters
  • Groups, Measures and Stock Items
  • Stock Summary, Analysis and Reports


  • Credit Notes and Contra Voucher


  • Purchase Process Cycle and Purchase Order
  • Receipts Note and Rejections Out
  • Purchase Voucher, Debit Note and Payment Voucher
  • Pre Closure of Orders

This is an online course taught using recorded videos - In the videos you will see the faculty teaching the accounting and Tally concepts from scratch using the Tally Software.


There is no such eligibility criteria required - this course assumes you have no background in accounting.


The biggest advantage of this course - is you get to interact with world class faculty - just by interacting with them you learn a lot - whenever you have any doubts or need guidance - you can your questions in the Discussion Forum and the faculty shall answer your questions.


When you have any doubts in the course content, you can post your questions on the discussion board by clicking “Ask a Question”. Faculty will reply in next 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to get Certificate in Basics of Tally ERP 9"?
Jobs in Financial Services and Business Consulting are extremely competitive. There are thousands of well qualified applicants for every open position. Learn Tally and significantly improve your chances of a successful career since you will learn the exact skills that industry is looking for.
 You will learn Tally from expert faculty from the Tally Company. They teach you using real-life industry case studies and easy to understand examples. At the end of this online Tally course you will be able to confidently analyze businesses, use Tally to create accounts, ledgers, vouchers, reports etc.

How do I Learn Tally Online on
Step 1 – Enroll for free by clicking on the “Take this Course” button.
Step 2 - Once you enroll for the online Tally course, we will email you a username and password.
Step 3 - Once you login, you will see all the Tally course modules. Each Tally online module is a 20-minute video, where you can see the faculty explaining the various concepts using Excel and Powerpoint. The faculty will work-out the various analysis and problems in the video for your easy understanding.

How long will it take me to Learn Tally online?
This Tally online course is a 10 hour course. Most of our students finish the course in 4 weeks. You can login whenever you are free and complete a few modules a day. You can finish it faster if you do more modules every day.

What is the format of the Tally online exam?
Your final score in the online Tally course is the average of 15 quizzes (one after each module) and one final exam. The Tally exam is an online multiple choice exam and consists of 30 questions that should be completed in 1 hour. The passing score on the examination is 60%. There is no negative marking.

For how long is my DeZyre login and password valid to access my Tally online course?
Once you have enrolled for the Tally online course, there is no validity or end date. You can access your course contents and learn Tally anytime, even after you finish your final exam.


Shailesh Bhatt

Shailesh is a Senior Product Manager at Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. His role at Tally is to ensure Product Feature Enablement across Tally Partner Network in India and understanding Software Requirements of businesses across India.
Shailesh's previous roles include-

  • Quality Assurance Leader for Tally Service Related calls at Reliance Infostreams Pvt Ltd., Mumbai
  • Technical Advisor- Telecalls for Tally Services at Reliance Infostreams Pvt Ltd., Mumbai
  • Senior Trainer for Tally Courses at Podar Centre for Computer Education, Mumbai
  • Shailesh graduated with a B.Com from the University of Mumbai and a MBA in Marketing and HR, from IIBM Meerut. Shailesh has 13 years of industry experience of which 9 have been with Tally.


  • Senior Product Manager at Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Quality Assurance Leader at Tally Service Related calls
  • Senior Trainer for Tally Courses at Podar Centre for Computer Education, Mumbai
  • Thirteen years of Professional Experience
  • B.Com from the University of Mumbai
  • MBA in Marketing and HR, from IIBM Meerut

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