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Sample Certificate


Certificate in Economic Policy

Indian : Rs.10620
International : $198

This certificate provides a solid background for students planning to pursue further studies in economics. The development of modern economics relies substantially on quantitative methods thus a serious knowledge in statistics and mathematics is essential to a successful performance in graduate school. Such preparation is also becoming increasingly relevant in the workfield and in areas as diverse as business administration, finance, operations research, demography, epidemiology etc.

  • To give students a general picture and an understanding of economic activities, patterns and principles.
  • To develop in students the capacity to apply these principles and to help them transferthis knowledge to new situations, and to achieve critical thought.
  • To develop in all our students an interest in everyday economics and to aid them in their education for citizenship.
  • To provide a suitable basis for further study of the subject. 
  • Public or private sector
  • Financial sector
  • Research/Analysis
  • International trade
  • Public Policy
  • Business
  • Banking

Introduction to Economics

  • Scarcity and Choice
  • Production Possibilities Frontier
  • A Tour of the Economy
  • Supply and Demand Book
  • Price Controls
  • Health Care
  • Financial Markets Page
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Unemployment and Inflation
  • Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Money and Monetary Policy Book
  • Social Security
  • Costs & Profits
  • Trade
  • Externalities and Market Failure
  • Special Topics

Introduction to Macroeconomics

  • Introduction to Economics
  • National Income Accounting
  • Unemployment and Inflation
  • Aggregate Supply & Aggregate Demand
  • Classical and Keynesian Models
  • Equilibrium in the Keynesian Model
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Economic Growth
  • Money and Banking
  • Multiple Expansion of Money
  • Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy
  • Economic Stability and Policy

Financial Economics

  • Net Present Value File
  • How to Value Bonds and Stocks File
  • Some alternative investment rules File
  • Capital market theory: an overview File
  • Risky asset

Environmental Economics

  • Introduction to Environmental Economics
  • Economy-Environment Relationships
  • Pollution Characteristics and Trends
  • The Competitive Market Model
  • Social Efficiency and Competitive Market Failure
  • Economics of Pollution
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA)
  • Measuring Benefits
  • Measuring Costs
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Liability Laws and Establishing Property Rights
  • Moral Suasion and Pollution Standards
  • Pollution Taxes and Subsidies
  • Marketable Pollution Permits
  • Environmental Policy-making
  • Water Policies
  • Air Pollution Policies
  • The Kyoto Protocol and Carbon Markets
  • Toxic Substances and Solid Waste Policies

Introduction to Probability & Statistics

  • Random Variables and Expectation
  • Densities and distributions
  • Independence
  • Conditioning
  • Special probability distributions
  • Sampling and sampling distributions
  • Summarizing sample data
  • Point Estimation
  • Hypothesis Testing

PDF, moodle books


The programme does not assume any prior study or work experience other than a general knowledge of mathematics such as basic algebra and statistics.


Upon completion you will be prepared for business responsibilities that include:

  • Cash-flow analysis and building financial models
  • Devising financing and capital structure strategies
  • Analysis of mergers and acquisitions
  • Analyzing portfolio investments and asset management choices
  • Developing and evaluating risk-management strategies
  • Generating cash flow forecasts and valuation estimates
  • Facilitating and preparing for client meetings

Additional reading will be given to students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of this course?
This is an undergraduate course.

Will I get any credit from this course?
You will get 60 credits.

Is there any assessment for this course? 
Yes. Each module has one or more assessments that you have to pass in order to get your certificate.

Is there a thesis/project in this  course?

What is the duration of this  course?
6 months for full time students and 1 year for part time students.

What is the study mode of this course?

Full time or Part time.

What is the delivery mode of this course?

Fully online.

When can I start this course?


Can I finish this program earlier?


Can I contact the professor in this course?

Yes, through the platform.



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