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Accounts Payable-AP101

Indian : Rs.6430
International : $107

AP101 Challenger is a game-based program especially designed for dry subjects like Accounts Payables. You will learn the basics of Accounts Payables in an interesting and engaging way -- through a challenge-setting game called AP101 Challenger. This is serious learning, but with a lot of fun.


The program aims to build basic knowledge of Accounts Payables in even those who have never studied accounting at school or college. Accounts Payables, also known as AP, is a critical domain area in the ITES sector.


This program is suitable for final year college students, job seekers, and professionals at the start of their careers. Having an accounting background at school or college is NOT a pre-requisite; people with even science and arts backgrounds can easily understand and master the basic domain knowledge in Accounts Payables.

  • Intelligent challenge-setter game (adapts to you)
  • Compete with yourself and Win on the way
  • Easy-to-chew learning capsules
  • Gain domain knowledge while you play
  • Place yourself on the Wall of Fame
  • Chat with buddies, and take entertaining breaks with Sudoku, Word Power, Brand Lines, Cook-a-story, Knuggets, Trivia
  • Automatic note-making
  • Benchmark yourself with all those who played

This fun program will take you through a comprehensive journey into Accounts Payables, familiarizing you with the business context. You will understand the various AP processes involved and learn about document and vendor management. You will get familiar with all the workflows, systems, and controls. You will also get to understand about the core of AP, the payments and customer service. And lots more.


You would need a computer with internet connectivity. You will get a unique login access to reach your private learning space, where you can complete the program at your pace and place.


The duration of this program is roughly 16 weeks. As it is a self-paced program, your duration would vary with your pace of learning. You will go through 42 modules including tests, spread over 16 to 18 weeks. You may need to deploy about 2 to 3 hours of learning time every week to be able to complete the program in 16 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions


361 Degree Minds (361DM)

361 Degree Minds is an online learning and education company founded in 2006 by BITS, Pilani Alumni. The organization has worked with managers from 20 nationalities in 5 APAC countries. The programs of the company are designed and Delivered based on Research in Adult Learning. The company has devised IP learning methodology and tech platform. The organization is headed by a team with cumulative 30+years of prior industry experience.

The founders are in the L&E field since 2000. They have trained thousands of managers from more than 150 corporates. The company gas worked with wide spectrum of society-college students, scientists, teachers, trainers, parents, bankers, corporate employees from entry level to CEOs. Some of the notable clients of the company are: Cognizant, NOKIA, Manhattan Associates, Covansys, Career Launcher, Nokia Siemens Networks, Astra Zeneca, Brakes India Ltd. , Zenta, Visteon and Sandisk.

With enormous experience in online education. The company wants to gain a leadership position in providing online quality technical education. They have launched two new online courses: Java and Big Data Analytics. The Big Data Analytics course is being mentored by an industry expert Mr. Suresh K, who was a director at Cognizant Technologies and has worked for 20 years in the industry. The company expected me to get big data business through student enrollments.

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