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Master investment analysis and decision-making skills for a successful career in the global investment management profession. 
  • Preparatory course for CFA Level-1 exam
  • Extensive Curriculum
  • Multiple Mock Exams
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
Understand the following topics:
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Economics
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Ethical and Professional standards
  • Portfolio Management
  • Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative Investment

  • Understand the structure of the CFA Level I Exam
  • Apply the knowledge & skills developed for clearing the CFA Level I Exam
  • Learn to guide businesses and individuals in making investment choices
  • Gain economic outlook of different sectors and industries for organizations that wish to invest
  • Understand the principles of various derivative instruments and obtain knowledge on how derivatives are applied in risk management
  • Understand macroeconomic and microeconomic principles
Ethical and Professional Standards
  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Guidance for Standards I-VII
  • Introduction to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)
  • The GIPS Standards

Quantitative Methods
  • The Time Value of Money
  • Discounted Cash Flow Applications
  • Statistical Concepts and Market Returns
  • Probability Concepts

Quantitative Methods (Application)
  • Common Probability Distributions
  • Sampling and Estimation
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Technical Analysis

Economics - Microeconomic Analysis
  • Demand and Supply Analysis: Introduction
  • Demand and Supply Analysis: Consumer Demand
  • Demand and Supply Analysis: The Firm
  • The Firm and Market Structures

Economics - Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Aggregate Output, Prices, and Economic Growth
  • Understanding Business Cycles
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Economics - Economics in Global Context
  • International Trade and Capital Flows
  • Currency Exchange Rates

Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis: An Introduction
  • Financial Reporting Mechanics
  • Financial Reporting Mechanics

Financial Reporting and Analysis - Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements
  • Understanding Income Statements
  • Understanding Balance Sheets
  • Understanding Cash Flow Statements
  • Financial Analysis Techniques

Financial Reporting and Analysis - Inventories, Long-lived Assets, Income Taxes, and Non-current Liabilities
  • Inventories
  • Long-Lived Assets
  • Income Taxes
  • Non-Current (Long-Term) Liabilities

Financial Reporting and Analysis - Financial Reporting Quality and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Reporting Quality
  • Financial Statement Analysis: Applications

Corporate Finance
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Cost of Capital
  • Measures of Leverage
  • Dividends and Share Repurchases: Basics
  • Working Capital Management
  • The Corporate Governance of Listed Companies: A Manual for Investors

Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Management: An Overview
  • Risk Management: An Introduction
  • Portfolio Risk and Return: Part I
  • Portfolio Risk and Return: Part II
  • Basics of Portfolio Planning and Construction

Equity - Market Organization, Market Indices, and Market Efficiency
  • Market Organization and Structure
  • Security Market Indices
  • Market Efficiency

Equity Analysis and Valuation
  • Overview of Equity Securities
  • Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis
  • Equity Valuation: Concepts and Basic Tools

Fixed Income
  • Fixed-Income Securities: Defining Elements
  • Fixed-Income Markets: Issuance, Trading, and Funding
  • Introduction to Fixed-Income Valuation
  • Introduction to Asset Backed Securities

Fixed Income - Analysis of Risk
  • Understanding Fixed-Income Risk and Return
  • Fundamentals of Credit Analysis

  • Derivatives Markets and Instruments
  • Basics of Derivative Pricing and Valuation
  • Risk Management Applications of Option Strategies

Alternative Investments
  • Introduction to Alternative Investments
  • Quiz with feedbacks at the end of every module to ensure concepts have been understood.
  • Teaching through a comprehensive & modular set of learning content on a robust learning platform.
  • A CFA certification is considered the hallmark of ability, ethical grounding, & transferable analytical skills in the financial industry.
  • Apply ethical principles & gain foundation of skills required to demonstrate a commitment to high standards of accountability and integrity.
  • Get assigned to top-of-the line finance investment projects in a short span of time. CFA charterholders earn 54% more than their peers.
  • Find opportunities as Portfolio Manager, Chief Executive, Corporate Financial Analyst, Investment Banking Analyst, Senior Managers etc.
  • Professionals working in BFSI / IT/ ITES sectors
  • Professionals working in Investment/Stock Research Firms
  • MBA/PGDM Graduates & Students
  • CAs/CSs/ICWAs/CFPs and other professional qualification holders
  • Any graduate wanting to make a career in Finance
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