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Indian : Rs.30000
International : N/A
85% of our learners are now Google Certified Digital Marketers. 35% landed a Digital Marketing job while pursuing the course!
Program Highlights
  • Mentoring Session by Industry Experts
  • Expert faculty trained by Google
  • Certification by Google India
Upon completion of this course students will be able to - 
  • Understanding the digital landscape and building a case to leverage online channels 
  • Strategize, implement and optimise online campaigns successfully
  • Learn Online Advertising, AdWords Campaign management and Campaign Basics across search, display, mobile, video and online shopping
  • Create online brand building initiatives that work
  • Creating your primary assets- websites and microsites
  • Driving organic traffic through Search Engine Optimisation and capturing the right intent
  • Using social media to promote contents and engage with your brands across the key platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Develop a multi-channel strategy using search, social, PPC, email and programmatic buying that deliver on organization marketing objectives
  • Driving traffic, engagement and conversion using content marketing inbound strategies
  • Apply relevant tools and concepts to execute measure and monitor an annual online marketing plan and use analytics to drive actionable improvements
  • Integrate new digital marketing techniques into your strategic marketing plan
Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Scope and expectations from the course
  • Marketing in the digital world
  • Integrated marketing- The Phygital
  • Global trends in Digital Marketing
  • Digital channels- Paid, Owned and Earned
  • Fundamentals on the primary asset- your website
  • Careers in digital marketing
  • Skill development in digital marketing

Creation of Website, Microsite
  • What are websites, microsites and landing pages
  • Important things to consider before you set up website-domain and server
  • Content Management Systems and their roles
  • Understanding structure and navigation of websites
  • Principles of good user experience and user interface
  • Creating great web copy
  • Setting up your WordPress site
  • WordPress plugins that you can use
  • Converting your WordPress site to an e-commerce site
  • Website do’s and don’ts

Fundamentals of AdWords
  • Understanding Pay-per-click Advertisement
  • Significance and evolution of AdWords in PPC
  • Bing Ads vs Google Ads- overview
  • AdWords Certification- Overview, Benefits and Preparation
  • Google Ad Networks
  • Different Ad Formats
  • Keywords - significance and planning
  • Using Keyword Planner and other tools
  • Keyword matches and their usage
  • Campaign Structure and Organisation
  • Quality, Rank and Relevance of Ads
  • Bidding and budget
  • Targeting Setting
  • Extensions and their usage
  • Ad policies and approvals
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Metrics
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign Optimisation

Search Advertising & Adwords Tools
  • Keywords - planning, matching and combination
  • Specifications of an Ad and how to put it to good use
  • Managing Invalid Clicks
  • Ad extensions and usage
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Landing page - your virtual front
  • Campaign Experiment
  • Opportunities Tab
  • AdWords APIs
  • AdWords editor- Benefits and usage
  • Managing multiple accounts

Display Advertising using AdWords
  • Google Display Network and Partnerships
  • Double Click Ad Exchange and AdSense
  • Campaign Creation and Structuring for display
  • Keyword and targeting through display network
  • Campaign Metrics, Analysis and optimization

Video Advertising using YouTube
  • YouTube - why you need to be there?
  • YouTube format, tools and targeting
  • Video Campaign Creation
  • Video Campaign tracking and optimization
  • Video Ad performance and best practices
  • You Tube Analytics

.Advertising on mobile
  • Importance of Mobile and Opportunities to Leverage
  • Key Objectives for Mobile Marketing
  • Ad Formats and Networks for Mobile
  • Mobile Site: Key Considerations
  • Mobile App: Key Considerations
  • Mobile specific bidding and targeting
  • Apps Marketing
  • Mobile Analytics, Reporting and Optimization

Shopping Advertising with Google
  • Google Shopping and Merchant Centre
  • Setting up account in Merchant Centre - single and multi-client
  • Setting up and using Product Feed
  • Setting up and managing product campaigns
  • Tracking and optimization
  • How to make the best usage of Shopping Campaigns

Search Engine Optimisation - I
  • How search engines work
  • Different Search results and significance
  • Query types and significance
  • What is SEO and key factors determining the same
  • Components on SEO - onsite and off page
  • Keyword Planning
  • Using tools to get effective keywords
  • Long tail keywords - the hidden gems
  • Art and science of tags - URL, title, meta, H1, alt text, etc.
  • Write a good meta description
  • Page speed - its impact and improvement areas
  • All about links - broken, internal et al
  • Dealing with duplicate content
  • Robot.txt and Sitemap
  • Structured data and

Search Engine Optimisation - II
  • Link building basics
  • Avoiding harmful links
  • Finding and leveraging link building opportunities
  • Creating a link building plan
  • Major Google updates and their implications on SEO
  • Using Search Console for SEO
  • KPIs of SEO
  • Tools for SEO
  • Competition Analysis for SEO
  • Overall planning for SEO
  • Understanding nuances of local and international SEO
  • Accelerated mobile pages and SEO
  • Artificial Intelligence, Voice search and SEO – what to look forward

Social Media Marketing - I
  • Evolution and importance of Social Media
  • What social media can do for you?
  • Different social media platforms
  • Unwritten rules of Social Media
  • Facebook for business
  • Using of Facebook groups, pages and events
  • Using of Facebook tabs and apps
  • Running Facebook ads
  • Ad Manager and Power Editor in Facebook
  • Targeting – the structured approach
  • Facebook page Insights

Social Media Marketing - II
  • Introduction to Twitter and its terminologies
  • Creating a good Twitter profile
  • Building followers on Twitter
  • Using Twitter Chats
  • Twitter as an influencer marketing tool
  • Twitter ads
  • Twitter Analytics
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • Profile, pages and Pulse in LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Ad
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • B2B marketing using LinkedIn
  • Introduction to Pinterest for Business
  • Pinterest strategies
  • Instagram for business
  • Instagram strategies
  • New kid on the block – Snapchat
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social media tools and how to use them
  • Creating social media calendar and workflow

Web Analytics
  • Introduction to web analytics
  • How web analytics work
  • Analytics Framework
  • Goals, Objectives and KPIs
  • Contextualizing of Data
  • Segmentation of Data
  • Making analytics actionable
  • Attribution Modelling
  • URL tracking and UTM builder
  • Clickstream, Heat Map and other forms of Web Analytics
  • A/B testing

Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics (GA) work
  • Dimensions, metrics and other common terminologies
  • Setting up Google analytics
  • Tracking, Reports and Dashboards
  • Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion
  • Visitors Analysis
  • Source and Medium analysis
  • Conversion tracking
  • Content Performance Analytics
  • User flow
  • Leveraging real time analytics
  • Content Experiment
  • Linking Search Console and AdWords with Google Analytics
  • Intro to Google Data Studio

Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing is Modern Digital Marketing
  • Principles of Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound impact on SEO, Social Media and PPC
  • Creating Audience Persona
  • Mapping buyer’s journey
  • Different content types in the inbound marketing
  • Voice, tone, storytelling and consistency
  • Mapping content types to buyer journey and persona
  • Content Amplification
  • Inbound Automation
  • Content KPIs and ROI
  • User Generated Contents
  • Viral Contents
  • Content driven B2B inbound marketing
  • Content Planning

Programmatic Buying, Email and Affiliate Marketing
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating digital media plan
  • Joint digital marketing course by Manipal ProLearn and Google India.
  • Intensive face-to-face sessions with expert faculty trained by Google.
  • Hands-on learning through Live Projects and Simulations during this course.
  • Learn about Google AdWords, Keyword Targeting, Display Ads etc.
  • Learn how to achieve desired ROI through ’Programmatic Buying’, an automated & evolving platform allowing you to buy & sell ad inventory in a real time manner.
  • Find opportunities as Digital Marketing Manager in different industries. You may also join agencies, managed services companies or take up client facing roles like business development & client management
  • Get good understanding on the key components of digital marketing, commonly used tools in digital marketing and usage of these tools.
  • Become AdWords certified future employment opportunity and to improve the performance campaigns that you are running for your business.
  • After every class, self-assessment is conducted to ensure topics have been well understood.
  • Students with a management or engineering background
  • Individuals / beginners seeking career opportunities in the marketing domain
  • Professionals who want to shift to digital marketing or those who are beginners in the field of digital marketing
  • Marketing professionals who use digital marketing to meet their objectives
  • Web marketers who want to enhance their professional prospects in the marketing domain
  • Entrepreneurs or affiliate marketers who want to use digital media to improve their business performance
  • Professionals in marketing/ publishing/ e-business/advertising
  • Professionals who seek to improve the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need for Digital Marketing?
With internet becoming the most preferred mode for online business, every company - be it small, medium or large, needs an effective digital marketing strategy in place. A carefully planned and executed digital marketing strategy is a must to capture growth in the ever growing online marketplace. It is estimated that by end of 2016, Digital Marketing will create 1.5 lakh jobs with salaries ranging between 5-20 lakhs INR pa.

What modes of learning are available for this program?
This program is available in classroom and Instructor-Led Webinar modes.

What is the difference between Classroom mode and Instructor-Led Webinar mode?
Classroom mode offers the training in a typical classroom setup where the trainer will be physically present. Instructor-Led Webinar mode offers training through live online webinars conducted by industry experts on weekends.

What will I be able to do after qualifying for this program?
On successful completion of the program, learners will be able to execute digital marketing campaigns independently using Google AdWords and integrate new digital marketing techniques into their strategic marketing plan. 

What are the salient features of this program?
The highlight of Digital Marketing Professional program is its association with Google. During the course of the program a complete hands-on training is given to learners by a Google certified trainer. Upon successful completion of this course you will get a course completion certificate from Manipal ProLearn as well as from Google India, thereby authorising you as a Google Certified Professional.

Is the course curriculum updated on a dynamic basis, as digital marketing trends keep changing frequently?
Yes, and we pride ourselves for that. It is true that the trends of digital marketing keeps evolving from time to time and this is the precise reason that we hire the best industry experts who will keep you abreast with the latest developments in the world of digital marketing. Hence, we update the course content twice in a year.

How is the curriculum designed?
The curriculum has been designed by Google India keeping in mind the global Google Adwords curriculum. The Digital Marketing Professional program has exhaustive reading material and 40 simulations which gives a hands-on experience on some of the tools that is required by a Digital Marketing Expert. You will also be provided guided exercises and hands on learning through a live project. 

What are the prerequisite for Digital Marketing Professional Program?
Just passing 10+2 makes you eligible for pursuing this course. 

Is the course theoretical or practical?
Our Digital Marketing Professional program is a combination of theoretical and practical by means of hands-on learning through live project, exhaustive practice simulations along with assignments to test your skill sets.

I have qualified the exam. When will I get my certificate?
Your certificate will reach your destination within 21 working days.

Who will be the instructor?
The instructor for the program will be Google certified trainer. All our faculty are experts from the industry having an experience of more than 5 years.

What are the career opportunities that I can purse after taking this program?
A certification in Digital Marketing professional program from Manipal ProLearn in association with Google India will open multiple career options for you. You can work as a professional, start entrepreneur journey, or even offer freelance service. You can find opportunities as Digital Marketing Manager in different industries.

I’m a student. How will this course benefit me?
Our Digital Marketing Professional program is the best course to get job-ready. There is a huge demand in the industry for Digital Marketing Professionals and a certification in Digital Marketing from Manipal ProLearn and Google India will give great impetus to your job profile.

I’m a working professional. What benefits will I derive from this course?
With our Digital Marketing Professional Program, we will equip you with concepts as well as practical experiences, thus allowing you to fast track your career and move towards Digital Industry.

Do I need strong IT skills for this course?
Not at all. You need not be an IT expert to pursue this course. Anyone who is interested in carving a niche for themselves in the digital industry are most welcome to take up this course. 

Is the price of the program inclusive of taxes?
The price mentioned on the page is inclusive of all taxes and you do not have to pay anything over and above that.

I have made the payment. What are the next steps?
As soon as you pay for the course and click the ‘Launch Course’ button, you will be provided with a login and password to access.  You can access it 24x7, download PDF files of study material and chat with faculty.

How and when are the exams conducted?
There will be 2 exams both of which are conducted on the Google portal. The 1st exam is called ‘Adwords Fundamentals’ and is conducted in the classroom after the 7th session. The 2nd exam is conducted after the 12th session in the classroom. Both the exams are in a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) format. 

Do I have to pay separately for the exam?
The exam fee is included in the fee. You will not be charged anything extra for it. 

What is the passing mark?
The minimum percentage that you need to pass is 80%.

What if I am not able to pass the exam in first attempt?
If you are not able to pass the exam in first attempt, you will get multiple attempts to pass at no extra cost. Please note that there should be a minimum gap of 7 days before retaking the exam.

Do you provide placement assistance?
Manipal ProLearn is a leading online professional certification provider in India and has tie ups with multiple corporates and recruitment firms. While we do forward the resumes of our qualified learners, we do not guar

What if I have queries after I complete the Course?
In case, there is something more that you want to know, then please do call our Operations Head at 09958934646 or drop us a mail at


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