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Mobile is transforming digital marketing in a big way. Learn to market your business through SMS, QR Codes, Mobile Ads, etc.
  • App Marketing & Monetization
  • Get an overview of app marketing & app monetization
  • Mobile analytics and optimization
  • Learn to monitor analytics for an app & mobile search optimization.
  • Mobile marketing tools
  • Explore various mobile marketing tools in the market.
  • With this mobile marketing program learn how you can market your business through SMS, QR Codes, Mobile Ads, etc.
  • You can evaluate whether to choose Text Based Ads or Standard Banners or Rich Media Ads, to succeed in the competitive marketing world, by implementing the best practices.
  • Know how best to market and distribute you app in the current ecosystem using Google AdWords.
  • Know the various business models to monetize your mobile presence.
  • Implement various engagement parameters like Reviews and Ratings, to get back the lost mobile users.
Introduction : Why is Mobile Marketing ( MM) critical for success
  • The Indian Mobile Movement
  • Usage of Mobile, its unique strengths
  • Mobile Media consumption

Leveraging key Mobile Display Marketing Tools ( Part 1)
  • Opportunities in mobile marketing
  • What is display advertising
  • Display advertising ecosystem
  • Display Advertising Cost
  • Measure of success rich media
  • Measure of success videos
  • Creative best practices for display ads on mobile

Leveraging key Mobile Marketing Tools ( Part 2)
  • Introduction to Mobile Ads on Google Network
  • Overview of Mobile Ads on
  • Google Adwords Google Display Network for Mobile Apps
  • Ad Extensions for Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Social

Integrating Real World & Mobile
  • Introduction : Integrating Real World & Mobile
  • QR Code Promotion
  • Augmented Reality
  • Missed Call Format
  • IVRS in Cloud
  • SMS Marketing
  • SMS measure of success
  • Hotspot Marketing : Bluetooth (BLE), NFC

Usability & Building Your Mobile Presence
  • Importance and relevance of mobile presence
  • What is the User Interface?
  • What is the User Experience?
  • Why is Mobile web presence critical for success
  • Mobile Web UI: Best Practices
  • Mobile Web Analytics
  • Mobile Search Optimization
  • Ecosystem Overview: Mobile Apps: Native versus Hybrid versus Mobile Web
  • Mobile Apps: UI / UX Frameworks
  • Mobile App : Best Practices

App Marketing , Organic downloads
  • Building your App Store Presence
  • Alternative App Stores
  • Why is ASO important
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Application of ASO

App Marketing , Building engagement and Metric
  • App Metric that matter
  • Calculating Estimated Cost per Install (eCPI) and other media buying metric
  • Set up Analytics for Mobile App
  • Create app engagement through Push notifications
  • Create app engagement through in app advertising
  • Improve Ratings & Reviews
  • Leveraging Press & Blogs
  • Need for independent App Install Tracking
  • App Deeplinking
  • App Indexing
  • Profiling Mobile App Users

App Marketing Paid Media - Part 2
  • Channels for Driving Mobile App downloads
  • Facebook mobile ad installs
  • Best Practices App Install Creatives
  • Optimizing App Install Campaigns
  • Managing Placement Ads for Mobile
  • Bidding Strategy for Mobile App installs
  • Setting conversion tracking
  • Tracking Mobile App conversions

App Monetization
  • Overview of App Business Models
  • Approaches to Monetize Apps
  • Advertising based Monetization
  • Freemium models with In-App Purchases( IAP)
  • Subscription based Services
  • Finding the Right Ad Monetization strategy

Trends in Mobile Advertising
  • Trends in Mobile Advertising
  • Learn to integrate mobile into your overall marketing strategy.
  • Understand the future trends in Mobile Marketing.
  • Know how best to market and distribute you app in the current ecosystem using Google AdWords.
  • Find opportunities as Mobile Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers, Product Marketing Managers etc. The average salary for a Mobile Marketing professional vary between 2-16 lakhs INR per annum.
  • Small-to-medium sized business
  • Anyone keen on mobile ecosystems
  • E-Com Retailers
  • Aspiring Mobile Marketing Professionals
  • Local Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Professionals
  • BBA/MBA Students
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